How to make your website do not drain every visitor in vain

believes that every webmaster does the ultimate goal of making money. No webmaster can do it just for fun, for interest. We see from the network above, large and small, all kinds of sites, are to make money site. The author of the network above the website profit model understanding: sell products to make money, sell services, earn money, sell advertising, make money, etc..

makes money by selling products and selling services. It’s more intuitive, and it doesn’t matter much. I want to talk to you today is to sell the site ad position, making money, this to your site has a certain amount of traffic, you can put on advertising, otherwise there is no value. For example: before I have a website, every day IP in several dozen or so, then sell advertising, people feel disdain, flow is too small. Even if someone gave me the bid, the maximum can not afford 100 yuan a month advertising fees.

believes that every webmaster wants visitors to click on the ads we put on the website, but there are many websites with large traffic flow and low advertising hits, which will drain a lot of customers. Perhaps you will say, this is a personal will, we can not force people to click. However, if we do the webmaster can adjust the strategy, through the correlation between web pages, to increase the click rate? Let the maximum advertising effects, so that every visitor will not lost this is we do need to consider the issue.

I believe that the matching and attractiveness of web pages and ads are directly related to the click through rate of advertising. Of course, if you do these things, you can do three more things:

1. precise target market, as mentioned above, and the content of the web site you want to match, click ads will be big, so advertising in our businesses will continue to renew the launch site. We can’t get every visitor to click on our ads, but we can do boot settings.

2., here you have to understand the characteristics of target customers, to do popular advertising, you can accept advertising. This is to make your customer’s ability to buy a range of speculation, do everyone can accept advertising, so you and your website advertising companies can guarantee interests.

3. advertising language settings, that is, to attract your customers click on the language, we must pay attention to, written is not very advertising, and we are more easily accepted. To put it bluntly, let oneself stand in the customer’s point of view to consider the problem, to understand the customer concerns, advertising whether directly to achieve certain results.

summary: the effect of advertising is to increase customer clicks, but also to become your website to attract customers sharp weapon. Instead of looking sick, you won’t be able to come to your site next time. Usually we also see a lot of promotions in some supermarkets, and there are a lot of good places in advertising language. We can learn from it and believe that the effect in the network will not be better than in reality

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