Armed with Mao Zedong thought, make yourself a master station

Mao Zedong is a great man, he left to the world is not only our Chinese can be masters of the country, and his great strategic thinking and flexible operational policy, remember when I was in high school, my math teacher is a great person, at least I think so, he can the Mao Zedong thought and mathematics together. I have been inspired by it since then. Mao Zedong began to pay attention to, time flies, 10 years later, I am now a optimization director, speaking from the wage level should be regarded as a small white-collar city, and the influence of Mao Zedong thought on me is still indelible, his philosophy has influenced almost every corner of my learning life. Now let’s talk about how Mao Zedong thought combines with website optimization.

, Zhiyizhibi, through not idle

One of the most important things in the war plan of

Mao Zedong thought is that you beat me, and I hit mine. When I hit you, I could eat you; when you hit me, you couldn’t see. This point is how to understand? We are colleagues, I do optimization, you do your optimization, but if I want to put you out of the way, I have confidence, but when you become aware of it, you can not see me. This combination of Mao Zedong thought of guerrilla spirit. Is the same as we do need to optimize and analyze competitors, war, war cloud: Zhiyizhibi, through not idle. For example, you do website construction in this industry, then you have to analyze the top ranking of those sites, what are his traffic, such as:


may some webmaster will say, other people’s rankings, we how crowded, what’s this?. Maybe we really need to think more deeply. For example, "website construction" the word, as long as the ranking in the first page of the site is not a top-level domain name site, then we all have the opportunity. For example, the word in the construction site sixth is the Baidu encyclopedia, I in "in search of the relevant Wikipedia and three skills" of the chain, this thesis is mentioned, we use this method to add links, you can get traffic, in fact, ranking only in name only, it is positive to site traffic flow, the ranking not previously ranked website traffic before not ranking on the website.

two, first fight scattered and isolated enemy, then fight concentrated and powerful enemy

first do long tail words and words or short sentences that other people find difficult to find. Finally, to achieve success with original ideas city surrounded by rural situation.

three, do not fight unprepared battle, do not fight the battle of uncertainty, every war should strive to be prepared, and strive to win victory in comparison with the conditions of the enemy,

doing a word before you thought, we must deal with this plan, the ancient called strategy, although the victory by wisdom, victory was by Germany, we now just put us a victory together, caused by the philosophy of qualitative change from quantitative >

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