Community, in the end is dependent on WeChat, or to have their own APP

November 18th, Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade fair. At the summit of the Forum on 2015 "the first national" community + Forum ", OpenCom founder Li Jingqiu, VChello micro cast network founder Yu Wenhui, VChello micro cast network co-founder Deng Hongsheng, Wu Yong A5, founder of cube fans stationmaster net founder Chen Guoqiang, the Guangdong toochange factory business development director Yang Weiwei and OpenCom senior product operations consultant Xu Yingying agglomeration a talk about the present and future development of" Internet plus ", multi view confrontation, fierce, full of dry cargo.

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host: since this year, the national leaders have been advocating the Chinese dream. Internet plus with the help of the Internet era, how can we realize our dreams. Let us enter the forum link, and all the big coffee industry together, using the Internet thinking, a new perspective, to explore the "talk Internet plus" dream". Everyone on the Internet plus the future prospect of what? Please give my opinion Deng total.


VChello micro cast network co-founder Deng Hongsheng: in fact, there is a debate, "Internet plus" or "+ Internet", I do not agree with this argument, eventually it will be together. People in the Internet industry continue to penetrate traditional industries, traditional industries have to reverse osmosis, it has to grasp the very good Internet play. Of course, from the Internet to transform, probably a lot of time, they face, more is not to recruit a team like, and more from the thinking and mentality to make adjustments. Because many companies turn to Internet plus, I think it might just add a network, increase one or two technology on the line. In fact, this is far from enough, it must be in accordance with the Internet management model, marketing model to operate. In this case, the company’s structure, business model should be adjusted accordingly. If Internet plus, just add a network department, that can not do anything.


A5 webmaster network founder Chen Guoqiang: I agree with Deng general view. Internet plus is proposed by the government, in response to higher call, there are more than 100 field meetings today, almost all of the meetings are Internet plus Internet plus agriculture, tourism and so on. Internet plus, I personally think that it is a cross what turned out to be a tourist, new things, plus the Internet the new stuff, the two together, can be more convenient for users to use, so that it can. Internet plus is a big topic, experts cannot say Internet plus can connect all. Just the traditional industry better use of the internet tool to do marketing, complement each other, there is no obvious traditional industries, the Internet industry. We had a very good idea before

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