have nearly a year’s experience in carrying out websites

doing a year’s experience, all the lines, sentences are sharp, the words are not cruel, the reality is more cruel. The ten few, is not much introspection. There are self-examination, there are complaints. From Henan elite online line up to now, 08/10/8 ~ 09/8/10, no more, many, nearly a year. The first time to do e-commerce projects, mistakes made a lot of detours, walked a lot, tuition paid a lot. Mr. Ma said: "thousands of reasons for success, the reasons for failure are so few.". Send ten senses today and make a half anniversary summary:

one, believe in the project, believe in yourself,

even do their own projects do not believe, to go home as early as possible, leaving a minute is a waste of youth. How can you let your partner trust you when you don’t believe in yourself,


two, execution is always the first

sleep, think of hundreds, and get up like that in the morning. One scheme is better than the ten. Entrepreneurs should ask themselves, others do two days of things, their own day can be completed, can not, then to self-examination, even a good staff can not talk about, do not talk about entrepreneurship.

three, no plan, blind

what did you do last month? What do you want to do next month? Why do you want to do that? Senior staff should think about it, not to mention partner of the company. Think about it, think clearly.

four, "easy to say, difficult to do, don’t believe you do it."

this is a sentence, is a lot of people say. Entrepreneurs, never say such a thing, every entrepreneur must have the courage to meet the most difficult challenges. What you do and the employees can do, so let the staff do it. The difficulties have been given to the partners, and the partners have no need to cooperate with you.

five, put an end to the immaturity of

all the conditions are ripe, and you won’t have to do it. There are big practices, small ones, small ones, clever ones, clever ones, stupid and stupid ones. Entrepreneur is to create conditions, the ability to create conditions, the more successful, the greater the hope of success.

six will only complain about the most terrible

complaining is not scary, but complaining is the worst. Entrepreneurship is crossing the river by feeling the stones. Stress, doubt, frustration, anger, and negativity happen all the time. When you complain, remember that it is time for you to do what you do, and that you should do well and do your best to help your team members. Most avoid part do not spit, scattered.

seven, lack of sense of crisis, the concept of time is not strong,

the story of warm boiled frogs has been heard. But how many people have asked themselves whether they are in the pot now? Say something ruthless, not see the coffin, do not cry.

eight, speculative psychology is undesirable,

do things most taboo speculation, think, take for granted. No preparation >

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