How do you improve your website

a good website and a taste of the people, have inside and outside it, our side may have a lot of beauty, from the shape it is nothing to say, however, whether they have the quality? Is not standing on the bus or walk casually still garbage in the street? Not so light is the person’s self-cultivation is very important, a good website will also constantly improve their own self-cultivation.

after a website construction, needless to say, the later work is the website optimization question. And website optimization is divided into external optimization and internal optimization, the site is only internal optimization and external optimization are done at the same time, your station can have a stable ranking. Therefore, we must pay attention to the internal cultivation of the website while doing a good job of external optimization.

1: content is the soul of the website,

is a web site even if the external optimization do no good, no good content is no good. As a result, web content updates are important. The best way to update content is, of course, original. The original article is very popular with search engines. However, the original article is the most difficult, so many webmaster choose pseudo original, personal feel pseudo original nothing bad, the so-called pseudo original is pseudo others content, originality of their own ideas. If you can use it freely, pseudo original will give you less time to write original articles, but also can achieve the effect you want, we Why not?? needless to say I was a member of pseudo original force, and this station webmaster encyclopedia articles also mostly false original, but very popular with users, because it is from the user’s perspective to write, is required by the user.

two: the inner chain is the core

content is good, of course, is to find ways to link these good content to each other, user-friendly, but also friendly to search engines. I think the construction of the chain is mainly inside the chain of keywords. In doing keywords in the chain, it is recommended to use bold color change processing, an article in the chain is best not more than three, I generally each article only two links. As for the key link layout, you can go to the webmaster encyclopedia website to see, there are a lot of content can refer to.

three: the website page HTML is the basic

website page HTML optimization, this is the most basic. Scripting languages require user access, execution, and speed. The content is temporarily generated during user access. Failed to form a fixed document. If your site is transformed into generating HTML web pages, you can rewrite it with URL. This also allows dynamic web addresses to be rewritten as static addresses, but the effect is not static.

website how to improve their own accomplishment? Now you know, the above three points are necessary, of course, the light above three is not enough, as for other aspects of the problem here will not say more.

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