Method for obtaining traffic by utilizing position of blog sofa

is now Sina blog traffic is more and more big, Xu’s blog traffic all the billions of dollars a day is recommended on the home page, Sina basically is the celebrity blog. Sina blog has a list of famous people, we can see on it, Chinese stars, basically have their own blog. When we look at the star’s blog, we like to see the comments below. If we can get the first place, then we can use the popularity of the star to get the traffic.

can we see the star blog messages are then tens of thousands, grab a sofa is very difficult, so the above example is the first time to grab the sofa? Then we will observe the stars out of the article and article replies the time difference, basically have 10 minutes at a time, that is to say that most people are free to visit when suddenly saw a new article, then read, read and reply. Therefore, in order to grab the sofa, we must do two things, one is in the star post time, the first time to get news, the second is to read the article after the first return, this way save time.


blog has a function that is RSS subscription, when the blog is when there is a change, the RSS subscription will be notified in the first time and remind, so as long as all the celebrity blog address into the subscription software, so every day can get many stars in the first time to update the blog, in the first time to keep up with the post, and then after visitors read blog, they love watching commentary, and you are the sofa position, this will bring traffic to your blog! As long as you own in his blog Ad, can lead to their website


I made a website about games two days ago. I use this method to come to more than 500 IP every day. If you can be more diligent, it will be a lot of traffic. This method applies equally to 163 blogs and other blogs, and some blogs can be added directly to advertising, which makes it even more impressive.

this is just a way to get traffic, but in the long run, or conscientiously do the station, the content of the good, IP will have, money will naturally have!


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