ndustry station operation Cheats resource exchange, win-win cooperation

first tell a story, some of you may have heard it.

in the American countryside, there lived an old man who had a son, a son who depended on him. Suddenly one day a man from the city found an old man and said to him, "dear old man, I want to take your son to work in the city."." The old man said angrily: "no, absolutely not, you get out!" the man said, "if I can give you a son in the city to find an object,?" the old man shook his head: "no, get out!" the man said: "if I give your son to find the object. That is your future daughter-in-law is the daughter of Rockefeller?" the old man thought and thought, finally let his son as "Rockefeller’s son" this thing talk.

a few days later, the man found the richest man in the United States, Rockefeller, the oil king, and said to him, "Dear Mr. Rockefeller, I want to find an object for your daughter."." Rockefeller said to him: "get out!" the man said, "if I give your daughter to find the object, that is your future son-in-law is the vice president of the world bank can?" then Rockefeller agreed.

a few days later, the man found the president of the world bank, said to him: "Dear Mr. President, you should immediately appoint a vice president!" the president shook his head and said: "impossible, there are so many vice president, why did I have to appoint a vice president.? the man said:" if you are appointed by the vice president Rockefeller’s son-in-law, can? "Mr. President, of course agreed.

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after reading the story, you may already know what I’m going to say, yes, how to use the existing, and will have the resources to obtain more resources.

wrote an article "industry operation promotion in some time ago" (www.libia.cn/a/shidian/2010/0325/255.html), mentioned in the article of association of industry resources, a friend asked me how to get resources to industry association, my answer is: to consider his advantage? For the webmaster of the the site, SEO, promotion is an advantage. And now many units, as well as some individual bosses, coal mine owners and so on, have the website requirements, we can consider giving these units or individuals free to do web sites, and is responsible for their operations, promotion, etc.. In this case, we are using our own advantage resources in exchange for more resources?. As for how to find these resources, how to talk about cooperation, you can also think about ways. Business, for example, may not be

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