How to make successful speculation

may be a friend of A5 is the webmaster, as by its business and product sales station mostly! Each station has its own hype, have their own unique things, but we usually the most commonly used method is soft wen. The soft can play a great role in the promotion, but your hair soft, no one, no attractive places that does not become a waste paper? So the soft speculation is very important, in order to increase readability, soft visibility and exposure is also speculation can not work more ah, here tell you how successful speculation.

hype preparation:

1, the purpose of speculation: to be clear, targeted.

2, the process of speculation should highlight features, highlights, strengthen speculation.

3, the characteristics of the hype, the highlights should be targeted, for which groups?. Different groups of people treat each other differently.

4, the crowd of speculation after positioning, to study the crowd’s hobbies, aggregation, like what kind of article and other hot topics.

5, speculation to study and analyze the amount of data needed by the crowd, the more accurate the better (you can go to statistics in the station query), you can also extract data from the surrounding crowd.

6, speculation content and creative positioning, it is necessary to study the carrier of the hype, springboard, third parties, carrier and springboard advantages, third party visible frequency.

7, to analyze the carrier type, analysis of the purpose of springboard transfer, visibility of third parties.


1, pound celebrity

entertainment, news, gossip, etc.

2, curious new things,

current affairs, political leaders, Tian Wen, geography, nice, etc..

3, emotional hype

break up, lost ah, husband pack, mistresses and so on.

4, boring hype,

mother called you home, brother is just a legend, brother is playing lonely.

5, suspense hype,

serialized form, must begin to have a strong appeal.

6, concept hype,

science and technology, Frontiers of medicine,

7, drop style hype from another point of view,

famous topic, alternative analysis. Andy Lau is going to have a concert. What did he do before the concert?.

8, reverse hype

from the opposite direction to see the problem, from negative to positive to find entry point, but also from the positive to the negative to find a breakthrough point.

9, passion hype

motivational management as the main direction, to jointly improve the common learning process, for the purpose of taking the hype

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