Law to help network Joe San talking about the five elements of web user experience

recently in the Admin5 see a lot of online user experience some articles, every station has its own unique views and opinions, Shanshan see some colleagues recommended books in micro-blog and watercress, some of which also involves the user experience design. According to their own operating experience, but also share their views, and every webmaster grow together. In English relates to the user experience with UE, UCD, UI and so on, do the person of this industry for the user experience design, the famous white crow, McDull and so on, the majority of Alibaba or some other big companies. The user experience that we often talk about, in most cases, is mainly visual experience, while user experience design contains 5 major elements.

first, user requirements and site goals

user needs survey, website operation target, these are strategic aspects of content. Some people say that these are big companies to do, but this is not the case, our small and medium-sized website owners also need to pay attention to these aspects, such as we are going to have a mobile phone site, so we need a good position on the site and target users, otherwise it is easy to form operation for a long time could not find the direction of the predicament.

second, content construction,

in site operation, content construction is the priority among priorities, content construction should pay attention to the whole and local problems, the overall content of construction, refers to the site must have a certain amount of information infrastructure, local content construction is the site to have the amount of information for a specific user. The overall site construction, should pay attention to the pan and, as it relates to matters of some formations row information of keywords, information processing and website construction is the local content for specific keywords do.

third, site architecture

why website architecture is also an element of user experience design, operating websites, webmasters have been aware of the site, the structure of the site and the late operation has a great impact. The architecture of the web site mainly involves some interactive design, which is always related to the functional design of the website. And now for the webmaster, interaction design is to consider the issue, because we often use CMS has been a part of the solution, if it is independent of the development of the site, the problem we need to consider in a great degree.

fourth, navigation design, information design,

this element tells us that in the design of our website, pay more attention to the navigation design, as well as information display form design, why do you say so, because of the factors related to PV, navigation design and column design for the users to further understand the site of great help.

fifth, visual design,

visual design, the most fundamental thing to solve "good-looking, not good-looking" problem. If the user sees a mess of the website, what kind of view will it be?

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