From website promotion suffocate, associate to information freedom

recently made a small web site that was expected to release relevant resources in some forums, and finally with links to harvest some users. In fact, this kind of resource changes to the user’s way, meets the realistic challenge. Imagination is always different from reality, even if it is reasonable. In fact, many websites build strong barriers to protect their websites from outbound links. The world is so strange. When webmasters to promote your website, hope to all the websites outside the station ", and when the owners of building their own websites, and to K off all the chain as a criterion for minimum standards, rather than keeping the chain enough. The reality is that the retention of the chain can give more information freedom to Internet users, give more choices to Internet users, and give them enough and extra reference information. However, many owners prefer to keep the Internet training like prisoners, imprisoned in their own third of an acre, let alone for the Internet service, Internet service. In fact, it is a kind of bad behavior of restricting information sharing, blocking the line of sight of Internet users and pulling the back of Internet users. Compared to conservative, narrow, and exclusive websites, the search engines, web sites, and bookmarking aggregation sites that specialize in providing links are great. Greatness is not mysterious, as long as there is more, have differences, there is a small, high and low, strong or weak, there is great and small.

from the website promotion blocked this thing, I think "to allow users to leave your site as soon as possible," Google, I think wealth third free lunch without the media to join the dilemma, I think of the freedom of information.

Google is perhaps the most profound understanding of the role and value of the company. The website acts as an information bridge, so that people can find what they need as soon as possible, leave the website as soon as possible, and then use what they have found before they can activate the value of something. As the saying goes, "one mind cannot use two.". Stay on the website all the time, and perhaps end up forgetting what the site is doing.

"the third pole of the human race, the gratitude of nature" may be the greatest cause in the world, or at least the future trend of world development. But media reporters prefer to report commonplace tidbits of news rather than pay attention to what really works for people. Journalists whose responsibilities should be to tap valuable information are increasingly distorted by the mindset of information. What are the reasons for this? Interest, ignorance, fear, greed, or what other reasons,

?Is the efficiency and effectiveness of the information and communications technology development increasing or declining?


facts have repeatedly proved that people related things, only to see the changes in objective conditions, and can not see the conservative, stubborn, lazy side of the people, the judge will make mistakes. Man changes passively only when he has to change.

in money society, relying on a variety of restrictions to make money, has been a common means of livelihood. The technology of information communication is advanced, not >

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