How do build a local association website

every day to see your web site, are looking at it, benefit a lot, take some time today, but also to write their own site experience. I currently want to do a local home record network project, has done a few, and his hometown that do better, called Takeoka Hito net, domain name is

declare what I have to tell you the truth, starting from their own personal point of view, if the offending people, forgive me.

I don’t like forums and I don’t like any CMS management software. I build websites that I like to write on my own. Do not write school, write your own website, their own management, very comfortable in mind, modify and adjust are very convenient, how to change how you want to change.

take this opportunity to blow yourself. I didn’t graduate from high school. My grades in high school were English and maths. I didn’t have much chinese. I have been away from work for many years and have been writing articles while working to dream of becoming a writer. Later, it was no good (no money to eat), just thinking about learning some skills. Look at the Internet is very popular, learn to do web site, began to just think about how to build a home page, write your own article sent up on the line.

I learned a little bit of ASP technology in 2005, and I got a lot of money on my computer. I wasted a lot of books, money, and the price of a computer. I was scolded by my wife, but I stuck to it. Began to learn ASPNET technology, from 1.1 to 2, continue to learn, while learning to do their own personal home page. Of course, still want to go to work every day, do a few websites that have nothing to do with seven or eight things.

learned that now, the only thing I have gained is to make this Wugang web ready, and all the inside code is written by myself. I do not understand the art, but also not to manage him, but fortunately he had written the experience, and finally put this Wugang people net, do IP every day from 100 to now more than 1000, PV value of more than ten thousand per day on average. Although GG income is very poor, but every day there are ten or twenty Wugang fellow registration, let me know a lot of friends, so I feel that their pay is still worthwhile.

in the process of making Wugang people’s network, I found that a record of three level urban areas was ignored by everybody. So I made up my mind to be a project of Chinese association.

ha ha, my idea is very naive. First think of ways to do a lot of small places in the home network, and then integrate the data, and do a Chinese Association recorded navigation home page on the line. My fellow member data is accurate to specific which township. The project is in practice. There are too many opponents, but I still want to try.

anyway, the program is using NET2. 0 write a written, space and domain name investment is not much, just take up a lot of time and energy, not to take care of his wife. But I hope they can understand that I’m so online every day, I’m not in the bubble

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