Don’t expect to make money without doing a lot of work

first: make a place to make money. These are the

              a few days ago in stationmaster net published an article "how to be a profitable place to stand", from the two day of the click rate, attention is still quite high, seems to want to earn a little money where there are so many webmaster actually; that light will be able to earn the money, I said that the recipe is not enough, there are external factors, your peers see also know; do local website, people can make money, you can make money, I will help you analyze the decisive factors of the internal factors, see clearly, is in say you meet do local station conditions. Note that what I am talking about is long-term operation, making money, not short-term benefits.

one, attitude determines success or failure

are you smart? Are you stupid? It’s not the factor that makes the local stations unprofitable. The key is mentality. What kind of mentality?


1, just do local industry stand, you must hold a no money mentality, don’t think I say this paradox, "quick" this idiom that much good ah, no pre operational visibility, the merchant did not agree, you can’t earn money, you don’t think of money, but there is one point, try to have a little income, not to easily open a high price, so that customers don’t bargain; open a price, let others look down on you, calibrate their grasp. It takes time to cultivate the site, with a general recommendation of 3 months;

2, the heart should have goals, you must clearly know or predict, according to the envisaged operation, how many resources you can integrate, achieve what goal, the goal in mind how much you can do big.

3, desperately spirit, do local station, long stop station to see information, age will not be too big, many have a lot of youth, run more customers, find industry, business contacts, exchanges, communication. As a salesman in Guangdong when I was (at that time also didn’t do in the website, next to a shop selling stationery, a), and the Pearl River Delta, the famous city, county, town, each to a place where the city travel to me from the shy students practice today thoroughly tempered eloquence.

, if you have a good attitude, congratulations on passing the first hurdle.

two, there must be a big pattern in the chest,

good attitude is the first step, in fact a lot of people have, then, pattern of chest, some people did not have, always thinking about their own third of an acre; why mention his pattern here, which involves a cooperation.

no one said he is really all rounder, therefore, the need for cooperation in the process of operation, and whom to cooperate with you? Shareholders, co-workers, businesses, media, government, cooperation will have interests, will have a conflict of interest; because in the process of cooperation pattern, if you want to eat some Kui, you want to.

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