BuzzFeed, a news aggregator, never misses the job of traditional media


BuzzFeed is known as a subversive in the media industry. In BuzzFeed and other new media from traditional media, has already passed. Now, BuzzFeed is going to have a big slice of the news coverage of traditional media. To achieve this goal, BuzzFeed will hire the world’s most capable journalists and writers. Strengthen the level of websites in sudden news reporting, investigative reporting, and professional coverage.

"sharing" is more important than "search"

What’s the secret of

BuzzFeed getting such a big success in such a short time,


1. operation mode: Machine + manual

· Peretti is the co-founder of Jonathan; the United States in recent years the most successful blog website "Huffington post". As he worked in the Huffington post, he began experimenting with the BuzzFeed project.

BuzzFeed labs developed the first product is instant messaging client BuzzBot, the client sends information to the user link, for users to browse the hottest event on the day of the internet. BuzzBot uses algorithms based on link click speed to get subscription sources from hundreds of blogs and search for new links that quickly spread to other sites.

later, Paley pedicle to create a website as the core algorithm, highlighted some popular BuzzBot to find the link. At this point, Peretti began hiring manual editors to manage daily links. He found that with manual operation, the effect was much better.

BuzzFeed’s first product is only five or six links per day, half of which comes from trend detectors, and the other half is edited links found on the internet.

now, BuzzFeed’s proprietary content management system has become the core competitiveness of BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed continually redesigned, managed, and upgraded the system to encourage readers to share on social networks. Through the analysis of BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed and Tuopeila, early employees have put the site and popular content closely together.

The idea of

2. BuzzFeed: sharing is more important than search

, in the days when Google and Baidu dominated the Internet, a news that could be grabbed and preferred by a search engine seemed to be the standard to judge whether an online news was successful. But in BuzzFeed’s view, sharing is more important than search. Because with the rise of Facebook and Twitter, people get more by sharing instead of searching

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