On the use of Godaddy space in foreign countries for six months

has just entered the year of the tiger, Chinese Internet and calm! CN domain name storm, plus the webmaster record storm! Feel downhearted! Many webmaster began looking for a foreign host to space! After the younger brother is also in September last year, BBS record of special events, but will their station moved to foreign foreign host advantage! Is a large space, free use of record, environment and so on, disadvantage is the access speed and stability, there is the danger of these walls. Foreign host business has many, and I choose the American host GoDaddy (hereinafter referred to as GD), the following younger brother to brief introduction I’m using this host.

GD, there are several packages you can choose, I choose Deluxe Plan + SSL, the cost of a year is about 500RMB, 150G space, monthly 1500G traffic, send a.Com domain name, as well as an independent IP. The price for some still in school the webmaster is a little bit expensive, but also a lot of foreign space taking preferential, such as: space and flow is very large, even infinite, also has sent several independent domain name, send IP and so on, in fact, a lot of people to buy after the space is used up, and if it is a few friends together to buy, is certainly the most cost-effective. I was in Taobao! Because English is not good, now GD has support for Alipay, now going to buy the best friends can use Alipay’s own account to buy, so as not to be deceived! Do not need to send the independent IP, price is also cheaper, but the share in the process of IP, it is because other sites with IP violations lead you by the wall, so if not money is too tight, buy yourself a separate IP is a must.

Godaddy is the world’s largest provider of domain name, since it has been in the GD home, certainly must experience its domain name service! Their.Com and.Net is about 50 RMB. This is the most registered domain name! Other special as well as.Org,.Jp and.Tw can be registered! Here it is necessary to say that info domain name, the domain name registration of the first year only about 7 yuan, but also 10G free space! It is suitable for early adopters of


GD can create 25 databases by itself. According to the latest data, GD has upgraded each database from the original 200M to 1G. However, the GD virtual host database capacity is no longer self payment upgrade, and if the amount of data is too large friends, you can consider buying a cloud host.

in general, GD access speed is still relatively fast, and even compared to the domestic space is not slow. That is, in terms of stability, occasional convulsions, a month may be about once, two times, access slow, or the site can not open the phenomenon, usually in a very short period of time can resume their own. This should be related to the domestic network lines, I have encountered 6 hours before the Spring Festival can not shun

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