Sum up my own online promotion skills

sum up my own online promotion skills

1. establish a good relationship with customers. When a deal is over, remember to ask more than you want to, and worry about your customers.. Remember to send a message of blessing to the customer. Although it’s troublesome, it gives a deep impression to the customer that even if the customer no longer buys your Dianli, he will recommend your store to his friend, thus laying down the foreshadowing of a large order.

2. make good use of Taobao customers, even if your things have not been bought by others, but others have been helping you advertise, why not?.

3. Baby Name: This is the most critical, but I believe we all know, a good name to make buyers more convenient to find your baby! The name and baby related performance and you can think of add, make good use of the keyword, you can increase your chances to search for buyers. And what advertising is more effective than


4. release time: must choose seven days, so that your baby will have more chance to row in front of the search page! Also must choose to upload section time, from nine a.m. to three p.m. to eleven points, five points, seven points to ten points at the shop according to the best ~! Experience, this time most people! Window recommended to remember to choose fast under the frame, so when other people search for baby, your baby is in the front row! This is the most direct way to shop is to search, the key is the key to increase the store sales in the


5.: shop store recommended recommended recommended while legal can only have six, but also must take advantage! Because buyers into your shop, see first is recommended on the commodity shop! This is the first impression to the baby! So be sure to take the most beautiful shop in the most affordable baby! For the recommendation problem, the seller can also buy baby template, because template provides a lot of recommendation, so customers when browsing a single baby, you can also browse more recommended baby.

6., just like personal website promotion, shop also do SEO search engine optimization, with some promotion tools, such as automatic propaganda tool.. Can be found in Baidu.. It can promote your shop to various websites, as soon as possible by search engine included.

7. post replies, post the best hair, or have shock, at least the title can attract people, replies also occupy part.

8. the first shop should think of the people around, relatives, classmates or friends, you think of a friend or relatives please have some friends, their friends and friends, so you store visibility as can be imagined, how.

9 exchange links website promotion method. This is the most original website promotion website. Everybody knows that.

10. evaluation of wonderful usage, evaluation can incidentally to their shop to make an advertisement, don’t waste

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