Reflections on the promotion methods of movie websites

these two days have been thinking about how to promote my free movies every day, there are a lot of online information, now I write my own understanding and is using the method, we hope to comment on. First, the positioning of the site. Whether you want to do a garbage station or do a regular site, do you use data acquisition or manual? First of all, it’s your website location. Two days ago to attend a Amway party, let me understand more of the meaning of giving, only the first to, and may be harvested. Put this on the website, and that’s what kind of group you’re targeting, and what benefits your website can bring to the group.

in this, you will also encounter the choice of the problem, you may have several ideas, there are a lot of irrelevant keywords, but the key words seriously do, all good. This time, we must learn to choose and give up, and only know how to give up, it is possible to succeed. When I was a little girl, my mother told me, "ten fingers can’t hold twelve fleas.". Choose what you are easy to do. The easier you do, the better.

The choice of

two and CMS programs. I’m not a technician, so since I know CMS, I won’t be able to develop my website any more. There are a lot of good CMS procedures, the network such as DEDE CMS, PHPCMS, ECMS, PowerEasy, there are a lot of inspection procedures, I do not go. Each of these procedures has its own advantages, how to choose, and try it yourself.

three, content entry. Find a good website positioning, choose their own ideas, started the website content input, now advocate content is king, as in the end what meaning, there is no study seriously, if not what the deep meaning of the words, it should be the content of the website for users to take advantage of what. In the content input, is currently the main manual input and software acquisition, the former, compared to the search engine’s favorite, whether it is original, or is input using CTRL+C and CTRL+V, especially the original, will get the search engine’s favorite in the rankings. The latter collection, is the use of online software to do some, through these acquisition software, you can quickly build a plump new station out, so that visitors will not feel like an empty station. But because it is through the data collection, site optimization in the future is not too easy to optimize, as far as I know you can only use the CMS program itself its own SEO function to optimize, is not possible to optimize every page.

four, SEO — search engine optimization. Let’s start with more important work, at least I think so. Actually, this step has started since you started thinking about site positioning. First of all, what’s the key word for the website, what Keywords, Description, Title, H1, H2, ALT, and so on. If your website is manually entered, it is recorded

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