The female station pattern that suits individual stationmaster discloses, those female station is ho

everyone knows women’s money is good, but what exactly is a good way to earn money?. Few people really know. In fact, women love beauty, money to buy beautiful, this is no one can control. Moreover, women’s vanity is strong, the desire to buy is also strong. It’s not difficult to make their money.


(pictures: we all know that a woman’s good money)

, but the real woman will earn money, but not many webmaster, why do I say so, because I have done before the female station, and a lot of women together to do the exchange. I asked why they choose to do the female station? They generally answer is woman’s good money, but when I asked: how are you going to earn their money? Those owners hesitated for a long time finally mostly say do flow first, do affiliate advertising, selling advertising a… In fact, most of the webmaster’s thinking still stay in 10 years ago want to send… .

3 years ago, according to statistics, large and small domestic women stood about 100 thousand. As everyone knows, a woman’s money is well earned, and she knows that a woman has a future. So, not only some companies still have a lot of personal webmaster, a swarm of women, but personal webmaster, facing so many big companies and you compete together, you really can do it?


, let me talk about my experience as a female station here,

was influenced by my friend the year before last, and I also made a female station. When the 2 of us do the long tail word day and night. Make a project. 3 and a half months after the flow of about 3000, I sold it, hang out, less than 20 minutes, someone wanted it. A5 was still black shrimp help trading, with 30 thousand block station. A company buys them, they play games, but they also plan to be female. See my stand is good, first buy to do reserve. (but later may have decided not to do it, hanging a year later I went to visit was not open) a lot of people will say, do well why do you want to sell it? In fact, because that year the costs have gone up a lot. Especially advertising costs, originally intended to do our own when 5000 traffic, advertising products on the cast. But in the face of skyrocketing costs, we found that we could not afford it. Had to sell reluctantly.

then went on to do Taobao’s website. Taobao guest website on-line at the age of 3 months, has 4 weights, but because the room accidentally deleted all of our data. We didn’t backup it at that time, because we couldn’t download it every time we downloaded it to 99%. There should be something wrong with the server. The website was just on the line. I was very busy. I always thought about backing up next time. I see it in the first. The website was deleted, meaning we have nothing. At last he chose to quit, and the project ended. I also made a lot of postings, curse that space business. But no one thought because of the mistakes I found.

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