Webmaster please rational watch Baidu K station

in May 31, 2008, it is said that Baidu is another big update day, K dropped many stations, including my Ezhou real estate network (www.fdcez.cn). The first time I feel the awful search engines, who don’t know what they’re going to do, and how to do it, Baidu is no doubt the leader of the search engine, and he might be suggesting that it’s wise to follow. At present such a touchy issue, what we will do, how to do


the power of the Internet is huge, the first time I sent the article to the ADMIN5 for help, really very grateful for this platform, from the published articles have been many webmaster contact me, give me a lot of advice. Many friends mentioned that I have "keyword stuffing", is not intended, but the search engine is also unable to determine whether it is malicious stack, then this is a question! We are a lot of people are unable to abandon the search engine, since they think there may be problems, I only choose to change. Here’s a brief description of the site specific implementation behavior: 1, remove most of the phrases that may be considered "keyword stack" phrase, AND Ezhou, Hubei city. 2, friendship connection increase as a few large real estate class. 3 keep daily updates. 4, appropriate access to external links. 5, increase publicity in local users. The specific effect remains to be seen.

may be a signal this time. Although it may be cruel, Baidu may be telling us that we need to pay attention to him, maybe we can understand him. I am also considering the local station in addition to Baidu if it is necessary to consider what to do more, although many of us are not willing to see this, but who knows what will happen tomorrow, who? Many people like GOOGLE ADSENSE, from the beginning to see many times later a look at once a day, once N day, do not care the feeling indifferent and calm, but a. Baidu began to understand, because he is the local enterprises, they may want to suggest a their own things, but do not want to see Baidu too cruel, many of the K station is very innocent, for a search engine, so much the algorithm changes needed to fully debug and demonstration. Maybe they have already done so, we expect to do better! Many of my friends told me that even though they stand by K, but will still continue to do so, I think so. In some ways, it probably makes us learn a lot.

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