Million domain name enabled, three days later to see the loss and gain of a domain name

portal Pinyin domain name officially opened in June 15th, June 18th has been full three days, three days of excitement, bitterness, expectations, dreams, but more difficult.

enabled three days, and now the daily IP traffic is probably around 2000 to 3000, it can be said that the growth rate is still relatively fast, but the problem of sudden leakage is greater, this problem I will mention below.

, let’s talk about this domain name,

natural flow is large: this domain name by natural spelling every day, the flow of about 1000IP or so.

misleading: misleading traffic is supposed to flow into other stations, but the spelling mistakes in my site, an example of a 688menhu movie station, every day there are more than ten people spelled, even Baidu is misleading this spelling.

facilitate the promotion of transformation: the domain name in micro-blog and QQ group promotion, the conversion rate is very high, with Chinese because Larry’s memory habits, so that people can at first glance in memory.

is easy to remember: it’s good for repeat customers, because the site is open for three days, which is not obvious, but I believe in the future, the bigger the site, the more benefits the domain name brings to me.

for navigation promotion: I stand in navigation, on the line, portal and Baidu, Sohu, Sina tied, let people look at a few words in familiar with the sudden appearance of a new face, but also is the new face of naturally produced perfectly logical and reasonable, click to view the idea.

finished saying, "lose


site: no matter how the viscosity of domain name, no matter how the weight, no matter how the promotion, Internet users are most concerned about the content, because my new open three days, are several editors in the night of editorial content, but the content is still very few, so rarely watch 3000IP, even every day so the main website registered scanty. The content is king, only suitable for users of the content, they will stay together to share their wonderful and you don’t stop to promote the development of the website.

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