Sheldon crisis Wugang people network

webmaster, a "site is at the crossroads" article aroused many resonance, this fool theory, and the effect of throwing jade.

"Wugang net" to today, there is a webmaster, make painstaking efforts, pioneering work. However, single handedly, hand Qingtian, is a mistake behind closed doors.

shared the first two short stories. The new fairy tale "Three Little Pigs" should be crooked: "once upon a time, there were three little pigs left, and the mother was going to live independently.". The pig boss built a house with straw, and he was satisfied. The second pig built a house with branches, and he was pleased with it. Pig boss and pig second pig to find three old play, see the pig is three and mud, he wants to build a brick house, oh, see pig three head sweating, pig boss and pig second laugh, then go to play. The pig was not angry at all, and continued to build his brick house. In the afternoon, the pig boss and the pig are still playing, the pig is not envious of the old three, focused on building his brick house. In the evening, pig boss and pig second play tired, all went home to sleep, pig three old or wholeheartedly to build a house. The house was about to be built, and he was very excited when the wolf came……

story is like this. Have lofty ideals and firm determination is admirable, ambitious may accomplish nothing, from the target step by step


the new fairy tale "the ugly duckling ought to be crooked": Once upon a time, a strange egg in a duck’s nest hatched a strange duckling. This duckling is ugly, but it is very special, so it is very ugly. The donkey laughs at its ugliness, and the pig laughs at its ugliness. The ugly duckling doesn’t want to live. A passing old goat told the ugly duckling that it was the swan’s child, so it was different. The duckling has renewed its desire to live, and must live strong. It wants to be a swan. Since then, the ugly duckling, whether it has been ridiculed or bullied, it is strong enough to live. In the second spring, the ducklings grew up. They could swim down the river. What about our ugly duckling? It’s just a cock……

story is like this. Ideals are not equal to talents. Hold the ideal as a talent, in the end will only be more and more distant from the ideal.

We may wish to carefully examine the new fairy tale

on the two is a moral, if luck is not true, then you can consider these factors in a purely technical level.

"Han Yu said:" with

there are horses, and maxima, Chollima often, but Bole not often, the market is a. We can complain about the rapid changes in the market, but we ourselves are that "unusual Bole" it? From a technical level analysis, "Wugang people network" name is too narrow. Even if Takeoka Hito will be caught, income is limited. Site management is the eyeball economy, stress scale effects, just a small amount, can have the big market. As for a large title of "old union", the subtitle can use the "XX >

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