Tencent buy Kang Sheng grassroots Adsense upcoming revenue diversification Era

Tencent acquisition Kang Sheng, is the current Internet to discuss the most exciting news, although there have been rumors that Tencent to buy Kang Sheng, but has not been officially confirmed, and finally settled in August. For the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng, some people are happy people worry, the network media have used the whole space of this thing, guess the future pattern of Internet; grassroots webmaster hot speculation on this topic, after the acquisition of Tencent and the specific combination of Kang Sheng and event impact.

August 26th Admin5 every Thursday edition chat activity, invite Huajun software garden editor Mi Xiaobin to discuss the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng, the influence on the topic of small owners, the baby as finishing parts, welcome to discuss.

about Kang Sheng

asked: the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng is not based on a large group of users Kang Sheng, the main to promote Tencent’s SOSO, pat, online games and other products?. Kang Sheng will not be because of the acquisition of Tencent, put a lot of focus on the promotion of Tencent’s products? The acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng, for the grass-roots webmaster is more good than harm or not what changes? Kang Sheng will have a change in their position? Alibaba earlier acquisition of PHPWind, the Tencent now acquired Kang Sheng. This is not meant to e-commerce Tencent and Alibaba to play out competition. Or is the Tencent going to have a fight with Baidu?

answer: this acquisition, I think, is a good thing for the webmaster, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and in general it is favorable; it is a bad thing for competitors. For Tencent, the main e-commerce is unlikely, they may be involved, but now the main direction of the Tencent search, the acquisition of search for the preparation of the search.

: after the takeover, Dai Zhikang’s white paper seemed to have nothing to do with it.

answer: This is a transition period, it is easy to turbulence. If he say more volatile, not out. The acquisition of Tencent, a collection of resources, contacts, two talents. If the resource to, people are gone, I think it’s better not to buy. The front foot to sell, poaching thing, in the Internet a lot.

asked: the acquisition of the Tencent, the individual believes that its purpose is to seize the webmaster group, previously a Tencent alliance, it seems that it was to promote membership and other value-added services Tencent. Now a large number of Internet Co in the grab cake, Baidu Baidu alliance, Ali Taobao alliance, GG Google alliance, Tencent’s board has been great, will not be in order to expand the SOSO, promote its alliance? In addition to these, I can not see the huge amounts of money to acquire the Sheng Kang is said to have been no profit, but in the webmaster the company’s good reputation of good circle. Secondly, many people say that the first world. Personally, I don’t agree with you. If you can log in freely with QQ number, who will guarantee the security of QQ in the login forum?. And webmaster is willing to let this benefit,


answer: I see the big C said, "it’s not forced.". But I guess the future webmaster

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