The sun always comes after the storm

sunshine always succeeds after the wind and rain. It always seems to be found in the failure. It was the first rain in April. The clear rain washes the sky of Zhuzhou very brightly, and then the sunshine is scattered all over the world. However, such a wonderful day, my mood is like cloudy days, because this is the first day I feel the most sad, I feel inexplicable sadness. Thought I had become accustomed to a person alone, but found himself is not so strong, is the skin of the past memories, or in the future life. Confused? I don’t know, I don’t know, a person standing in the dark, damp standing in the wind, stand up thoughts to accelerate the flow as a silent film in the fast forward. I am a person who likes to remember, I never conceal the desire for memory, I love the memory so much, no one can tell me why, and I do not know why.

an office in Connaught, only I alone wandering, the quiet night allows me to hear my heart beat, only to see the hands of the burning flames of tobacco. A vast desolate ancient flood tide today.

finally got a career of his own. Finally, I have time to go and work hard for my future. During the day, I am very busy with meeting my clients. At night, I write my words deeply. I am a person who loves writing. I was a man who liked to write since I was young. People write love in this life is not happy, happy is a moment, when I finished the large section of the text, I had a flash of dripping feeling, and boundless sadness like gangbusters in general I swept away the little happiness. I always not happy, I always ask myself again and again, why don’t you be a little happier and happier? I do not know why, but my friends said that I am very happy, because I often smile to them, such as the spring breeze as bright as the sun was shining. But they don’t know how much melancholy I hide behind my smile.

every night I write, busy work, very late, in a 40 Watt lamp of the company, in the burning of the tobacco, in the lonely night, my mind like the autumn wind, through the leaves. My heart is like the roaring waves of the sea, rolling the world scene I often write sour, sweet, bitter, hot, his head suddenly seemed to explode like, whenever this time I drank in advance the brewed coffee light makes me feel never out of the fireworks. I will put all the troubles all the pressure all to swallow back his heart, strange and bitter black coffee into my blood flow through my body, tobacco the excitement around my mind let me forget all…. I told myself, "be strong and stick to it.".

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