Novel novice

novel station, divided into two kinds of original and reproduced. The original station to the starting point for many, most, the transfer station is innumerable, particularly this year.

transfer station is the pirate station, logically speaking, countries should fight against the. But no matter which industry, which country, the fight against piracy is always a slogan, because the relationship between genuine and piracy is complementary and indispensable. There is no doubt that if there is no genuine piracy station, is difficult to support canoe, no fun; and piracy station if more, the genuine propaganda is also good. As long as they are not particularly infringing on each other’s interests, as long as they are not birds of the same age, the two sides can coexist peacefully.

if one day there is no piracy, I’m afraid the world’s genuine copy is not pure. Do original novel station, want big capital investment, have no money, don’t do. This is the first principle as well as the first principle. The second principle of doing original station is: do not do without IP station. As the name suggests, if you stop this station, there is no traffic, then temporarily or free. Besides, piracy stations are also very learned. Generally speaking, if you want to do a good job of piracy stations, you should master the following points.

1. Choose a good domain name. This is very important, because the user experience of the novel station is very important, a novel station from the user, the quality of the rice directly determines whether to retain the user. In addition,

can also choose some popular book name as the station name, such as energy-saving, stars become the novel network, Chinese Panlong network ( etc..

two, in the face of repeated search engine K station, to remember, adhere to the most important. GG no special circumstances will not K station, his collection is step by step, but Baidu is not the same, Baidu is characterized by:

repeated. But this can also be a good way to test the site, although stupid, but it can also explain the problem. Therefore, it is important to stand up for a novel. This is also the search engine to check the weight of


three, select a good program. Program is nothing more than four kinds, other do not consider: Jackie, Vinci, end, DEDE. The end point has been eliminated; no recommendation; DEDE is new and imperfect,

suggests not. Choose between Vinci and Jackie general novels stand. Vinci stood for the NET program, open Jackie speed is slow, but the function of the whole, shining like Chinese (, good literature

( belong to such programs; and Jackie station is the PHP program, is characterized by simple crack, open speed, like the autumn Xuan (, but the function is slightly weaker, mainly

e-books and WAP this, but I heard that the new 1.5 version has added these features, so Jackie is a good program. The common feature of these two programs is: making templates is convenient. Also, before >

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