Several unknown flicker methods of space quotient

in addition to the general do not write the parameters for space configuration, there are some less well-known Huyou:

basic parameter

this is the oldest form of flicker, which means that 10% is limited by CPU, the actual limit is 5%, and so on. That is, the subject matter is not the same as the actual one, and the supported components are not homogeneous. This flicker of space quality, a little understanding of general, there will be more obvious feeling "bad"".

"super sale"

simply said, if a server 100G, if it is sold 1G, you can sell to 100 people. However, these 100 can not be used up 1G, then the space providers and then put 50 stations inside (space, location, natural enough to put it down). Everyone looks at the size of their space, the size of 1G, which is not necessarily true; of course, when the space is almost full, the chamber of commerce makes an elastic adjustment. But this "super sale" will undoubtedly reduce the cost of space: the original 100G server can only sell to 100 people, but actually sold to 150 people. Cost reduction in disguise, so that prices can be cheaper, profits can be higher.


this is my own name for this behavior, which is most common in foreign space. To the famous Godaddy space, 150G space is probably more than 400 yuan (very cheap), or unlimited site. So early in the morning, someone hit the idea, sell a 150G space, cut into 1G, one station to sell, 1G, if 100 yuan, here can earn 15000 yuan (looks really HI). However, the person who buys this product has at most one FTP, no background management, no customer service and legal protection, and also wants to find a seller who wants to bind the domain name. If the seller wants to close your stop, it’s so simple.


VPS (Virtual Private Server virtual private server) technology, a server will be split into multiple isolated virtual private server services. The operation and management of each VPS and a host of exactly the same, can be allocated independent public network IP address, operating system independent, independent large space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent implementation of the procedures and independent system configuration etc.. In addition to distributing multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, the user has more independent server functions and can install programs independently and restart the server alone.

VPS itself is a good thing, but the flicker of the people will not give you so good. Since VPS is a virtual machine, then its bottom or server. At first, my used a foreign VPS, the result is self-evident, we can imagine, on their computer’s virtual CD-ROM, can replace the CD that thing. If you run several virtual drives, then the computer will always eat "no"

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