SEO personnel efficient work plan formulation


as a webmaster, especially an individual or enterprise web site, we should have an efficient work plan for our website every day. Today, we mainly discuss three aspects:

first: check the website daily collection efficiency, quantity,

what is included efficiency? Here to explain to you, in fact, very simple, that is, you see the day released a few articles, the actual collection is a few articles. We can sum up a formula, the collection efficiency, P= number / release number, the greater the value of P, the higher the efficiency.


can use the webmaster tools, inquires the 24 hours included, this is not deep into the investigation. Remember, in accordance with the inclusion, the hair of the article is not included more than garbage information, without any effect.

question discussion: issued not included, how to do?



broke the top secret solution for content not included in the website:

(1) has your website been crawled by spiders?.

how to see whether the site is a spider crawling? This is very simple, use FTP or other methods you can use, download your web log (no web log, can be solved by other methods)


As shown in figure

, connect your FTP server to find the Log folder, we need to view the latest spider crawling records in the latest record file on the right click, download, download to your local view, yesterday I downloaded to record here for example:

I assume the

address is and is not included, we can search the address in the log file, or you can search /2013/0906/1728.html


you can see, you can search the web crawling record, indicating that the page has been crawling spider taken. If you can’t find the record of spider crawling, then this article needs to be processed from beginning to end.

(2) spider grabbed the page, but not included, how to do?


A. check the quality of the page, whether or not there is a direct copy of paste traces, whether to retain the original site page format, modified;


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