Webmaster must know how to choose the right of domain name

webmaster all very clear, a good domain name, is the website success key step, so stationmaster also very eager to be able to register a good domain name. But at present the excellent domain name has long dried up, even 5 6 bit pure digital domain names are almost all registered. Is there really no good domain name, can’t we do a successful Adsense? Not really, though extremely treasures of the domain name has been registered, we can go back to the times, to find a meaningful and easy to remember domain name, or not. How should our webmaster choose a good domain name,


first: register domain name, preferred COM domain name.

because COM has a lot of influence, in the minds of Internet users, almost only know that com is domain name. When I was working at A5, some of my classmates called to ask me what our website website is. I said directly that it was Admin5, and my classmates knew it was admin5.com, and didn’t ask me what the suffix was. In fact, when I first started surfing the Internet, when people told me a website, I thought that the domain name of the website was xxxx.com. If I don’t touch Internet work, I really don’t know any other domain names, such as.Net,.Org,.Cc, etc.. The impact of the COM domain name on the Internet is estimated to be impossible for me to change in my life. If you want to allow more users to access the website, you choose the.Com domain name.

second: the domain name should be brief and easy to remember, easy to input.

domain name is simple, easy to remember, easy to input is very important, and this is also an important factor to determine the domain name. The domain name easy to remember, let users read once remember your domain name, users need to log in to your website, you can enter the domain name directly in the browser, without using a search engine to find your website domain name; for input, domain name registration, considered the best computer keyboard layout, what kind of

domain users are more likely to type in.

third: choose registered Pinyin domain name, pure digital domain name, domain name with connotative meaning or confusion domain name

Pinyin domain name, we all know, remember, meaningful, at the same time, search optimization is a little good. Especially independent blog, try to choose the name of the Pinyin domain name, for example, Tang Shijun blog domain name is tangshijun.com. At present, the pure digital domain name has been difficult to find, but the Pinyin domain name is still relatively easy, can not find, you can create a word. What is confusing domain name? For example, baidula.com, sinacn.com and so on, is confusion domain name, we prefer this kind of domain name, investors also like to invest in this domain name. When choosing a confusing domain name, the webmaster is better to choose names closely related to your own domain, and easy to associate names.

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