The experience and experience of grassroots in the past year

In fact,

had long wanted to write an article to record a years of experience, has been too busy to suffer, today is finally free to do so for a while, write, record of the year through the day. And some


first statement, I am not what writing master, what is not highly educated professionals, I am just a pursuing his dream of "grassroots"! This article I just record growth and development experience of a journal. Please exit

life!Remember that

is the 07 year in April, just after the birthday, found his old age, to work in the unit is too boring, every day to do some mechanical work in the office, often inadvertently reminded of a friend to the station, the first feeling is bigger. Indeed, and… More than 3 years ago up too much, suddenly an idea flashed in my mind. I should not own a station? Try holding the attitude I started doing station, the first station needs to use Baidu Search look to do what, need to know – space domain a program! After the start up, space and domain name Baidu is a search agent bought CN, a domain name, a 200M, or a few money Telecom space, Dvbbs forum –

you won’t find someone else to help me. (fee of 100 yuan now. See… Black ah.. really black ah!) Logo will not change, Taobao pay someone to do a…. so CN domain forum officially launched! I began to imitate the big forum put the pieces get very much every day, self copy and paste someone else’s post…. find some friends posted in the forum replies, because I have more friends, so the first few days of the post may actually be 2000. but because there is no characteristic, good times don’t last long, friends have a do not come, said sub forum posts are less is the reply to a post, did not mean… Like a chat forum statistics is also very funny, yesterday posted today 2148, side 12 stick, head of the –

then began collecting post work, I put all my collection of forum posts new hair, had some virtual popularity, while I complacent when some users began to doubt, because users and some understanding are very ripe, when he did not come, but to see certain online at the forum, obviously he didn’t post this, but in the forum to see him say that send this post ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ misunderstanding super, and 2 friends are lovers, because this almost broke up, Jesus Christ… Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to –#


acquisition and false number of failed, lost ing…. at the forum every day 10 post popularity, I have a feeling of collapse! What do what in your day? Busy night to go to work during the day. After more than 2 points… "

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