Note that the following points will help your local station succeed more quickly

Hello everyone, I am struggling, and today a little leisure time, the day before yesterday, I was in a local station operators group chat record finishing, and I hope useful to all of us.

operating local stations, is to do everything possible to do online and offline interaction, maximize the value of the site to reflect and profit from it. The promotion of local stations, basically, people will send leaflets as one of the ways. In fact, leaflets are also skilled, well done, the effect is very good, and bad, it will have a negative impact. Have encountered some places, station pass single out, and then talk about cooperation with the business, it is difficult to talk about. I guess there are some details of the matter did not pay attention to: 1, leaflets are beautiful?. A rough publicity and a fine publicity of both the gap is big, rough publicity, some people will think you are not very good quality. 2, distribute leaflets personnel should also pay attention to the image. Can not find a few buddies, yellow hair, smoke, wearing slippers to send flyers, so that the image of the site also has an impact. The above two points are enough for businesses to have an antipathy to an unfamiliar website.

and businesses when talking about cooperation to visit, and according to the timing of the business, you can not set the time. Because businesses often have a lot of things to deal with, and if we set the time, it is often better to make an appointment as scheduled. And we do local stations, running business is taken for granted. When I when to go about the business, so often can meet the business and in 5 minutes; to let the business for your project interest. Because businesses are busy, even if he is busy to sleep. The website has no initial popularity, only to all customers, businesses can’t afford to listen to a small business website to "nonsense"; everywhere from the business perspective, naturally no problem. The customer is always God, water boat can capsize.

‘s handwriting is good: details determine success or failure. Do local station, pay attention to is professional, not for big and all, just small and fine; small can do well, not to mention big. Learn to be willing when you need it. Willing to be willing to have homes that have! If you are now standing column more, maintenance is not over, not to give up some of the column, in two or three years, I think you should still like this now, perhaps worse than now.

I also want to tell you a few words: 1., what the user needs most, what to do. 2., but there is no market demand. 3., always recognize your own strength and do nothing more than your strength. 4., website operation is a branch of knowledge and art. 5., in the end they do not fit the network?. 6. take any competitor as a learner, then you are a step closer to success. If you understand these words, do it, even if you start afresh. If I don’t understand, I can’t help it.

about the domain name, I still want to nag a few words. Domain name is best not to have limitations. For example, our local oil field, I used the oil field pinyin. Everyone has read it

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