Promotion and operation of county level local communities

local station must choose a good domain name, selected, as far as possible not to change, when a domain name to form a brand, the influence is not to be estimated. The choice of domain names, as far as possible to choose COM, followed by NET, local local domain names have mostly been applied. If you want to buy expensive, scary, so we can use the local zip code, before the 6 number or ID number, you can also use XXX, XXXBBS, the premise is must remember, 3 seconds down, that is a good domain name, the program currently has DZ and PW, to see their own needs. Because the demand is different from place to place. So the program or careful comparison, the website set up after the first biemang promotion. We first have to do is to put the contents of the forum expanded, can go to the local Post Bar acquisition, other local forum collection, if your forum is not content, visitors to the first time imagine would come to second times. How many vests are registered?. Take turns posting, making a false impression, so that visitors think the forum is very active, and avoid the contents of the forum to be related to the local. Don’t make any jokes, novels, or the like. People want to see a novel and go to a novel. Why go to your forum,


this era is good wine, but also afraid of deep alley, online promotion, many predecessors have weapon. It is Post Bar QQ group, and other local stations, but should pay attention to a degree, don’t let other people dislike you, we speak of offline marketing, offline promotion, there are many ways, how we spend the least money to do the best promotion, first of all to fearless tired, there are many ways to promote, if you have money to burn, you can skip this step, we print 200 line box name card in Taobao, 1.6 yuan a box can be printed, why not printed leaflets, because most people are not fond of leaflets, name card is different, is not required to remember, at least you know this website, I have statistics about 10/1, people will login to your site look, here refers to the direct input site, Baidu not to. We walked along the street, where many people where to go, the supermarket, the square, the mall entrance, bicycle, car battery, car can plug a hair for 2 days, you will see the effect, if you are not afraid of tired, can go to the village, each household on the door of a plug. That effect is absolutely not said, but it takes more time, because most of the local station owners have not made money, are doing part-time,

after the promotion of a series of forums, there should be little improvement in it, don’t worry, the line continues to send the chain, exchange Links, improve your weight, help Baidu ranking, often 2-3 months of popular culture, then, we can engage in activities, general activities I think are difficult to you, but we want to enhance the reputation and influence of the forum, you can make a public welfare activities, such as "love and charity donation activities, because many people need to donate blood, blood donation vehicle is generally a souvenir, and then go to the car donation, we held an event, is to donate blood, I want to each other do not refuse, then in the forum.

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