Three major elements of the pre operation of the industry website

operation of the textile industry portal has been forty-third days, constantly learning, constantly thinking, constantly after the implementation of the website IP number exceeded 3000 people from the original 0 to the present, and increasing every day, it makes me feel very happy, at the same time in the process of feeling a lot, here is a record of my ideas and operation the process of implementation, case analyses of three elements of the functioning of the industry website, hope and colleagues to share.

first site foundation

The first element of the

1 site must be the domain name. I know the importance of a good domain name for website promotion and future development, so I bought the domain name without hesitation. Obviously, owning an industry name domain name can make your website stand much higher.

2, secondly, I gave the website a different name from other websites in the same industry, and set up its own unique website name, so as to establish a good brand publicity base for the post development.

3, considering that I am an industry website, information is indispensable, and information is also one of the criteria for obtaining website ranking. At present I am not willing to personal operation, also need not ask independent development of the site, I am thinking of good site planning, site layout, columns, site optimization, selected several CMS systems on the Internet, finally decided to use the dedecms system, then verify that the system is indeed doing well.

4 is followed by the creation of specific websites. As a result of the third step, I plan a more detailed, so spent one night on the basic framework of the site built. Everything needs to have a beautiful appearance to decorate, the website is no exception, a humanized design of the appearance of the website, easy to let the user have good impression.

second site content

after my inspection of the home textile market, I divided the users into 3 types: home textile enterprises, home textile dealers, home textile practitioners, and then I set up the corresponding content.

1 industry information: I keep 3-5 original articles on the home every day, to ensure that the website updated and improved search engines, natural website ranking will rise, more important is to let people see more industry professional. It also stems from my constant learning of industry knowledge every day.

2 home textile product library: I have collected 80 thousand home textile products and flower patterns, while providing reference prices and online ordering function. This column basically meets the needs of most of the country’s home textile dealers, they look for satisfactory patterns, the right price, and even direct online ordering. Of course, there is a web watermark on the picture, and they advertise it when they use it.

3 home textile pattern free download: I collected nearly 50 thousand flower types, and can be used directly, online free download, which greatly attracted textile workers, especially textile designers, with popularity, I take the initiative to upload flowers by designer to obtain integral, integral.

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