How to join the European Wind sweet cake

in the dessert brand in the minds of young people with a high status of a well-known brand is the European Wind sweet cake, natural consumers will not be too small. The European wheat group under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou Europe Mai Restaurant Management Co., since its inception in 1995, focusing on food research and innovation, image design, education and training, market planning, planning and management in one of the modern enterprise brand management. How to join the Mai Mai sweet cake?

joined the European Wind sweet cake

European Wind sweet cake join advantages:

adhere to the integrity of the trust, the service to write a brilliant corporate slogan, promote healthy competition, integration of resources, common progress. All over the wide acclaim, more well-known brands, have access to China baking the most creative brand, the most popular with university students entrepreneurial Brand Awards, and has won the national business association, China baking Association awards.

each European Wind Wheat Baking center is consistent with the fashion and beautiful image, store decoration design and material very modern, with avant-garde decoration style and unique business philosophy. When the customer passes through the door, the senses. To attract the attention of the bakery is a variety of colorful, exquisite workmanship of baked goods, through the large tempered glass, fully rendered. At the same time, strong cheese, milk flavor mellow malt flavor and aroma of ripe and so on various Symphonic nostrils. Let each person through the European Wind sweet shop can be in sight, taste, all the body and mind to get the greatest satisfaction and ease.

European Wind sweet cake join support as follows:

1, the perfect electronic commerce platform, realizes the physical distribution unobstructed and fast;

2, franchise area protection, each store opened, set a reasonable distance to ensure the normal operation of the franchise and higher income.

3, the professional market personnel to help franchisees to find, assess the file;

4, excellent design team for the store to store design.

5, the opening of the headquarters of the raw materials and promotional programs to provide support to the store;

6, experienced teachers to guide the stores, free training for new recruits in the store;

7, large holiday rich and colorful promotional activities, to join the business to attract and consolidate more consumers;

8, according to store sales data, timely guidance to the Department Store

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