What are the support of the taro Ramen

all have exotic brand items, the catering industry is no exception. China is a large country with a population of 1/4, and it is also one of the main areas for other countries to make money. Chinese food and beverage industry, many foreign brands, even the fast food industry, other countries of Chinese fast food brands are also beginning in the Chinese market.

Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. is a professional Japanese casual snack management company. Since 2006 the establishment of the continuous efforts in the connotation and extension of the service, the development including operation, marketing, R & D, production, logistics, financial central kitchen range integration specification catering enterprises.

was the main business of all kinds of Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle tailung Hand-Pulled Noodle, with the Japanese, Japanese snack packages, classic drinks, the product structure is different from the KFC, McDonald’s and other Western fast food, mainly reflected in the low calorie, health, nutrition, natural noodle and Steamed Rice staple food casual dining, with simple, independent, free, fast and easy as the main fashion.

join support:

assist site selection and evaluation

‘s Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle taro assist franchisees to find locations to conduct site inspection of buildings, District, customer survey and evaluation of their shop possibility. Including turnover forecast, estimated investment, operating profit and loss estimates for the location of the reference reference.

unified decoration and equipment

to ensure the unified image of the store, the restaurant was designed by Japanese merchants headquarters Ottawa taro Hand-Pulled Noodle designers, providing complete renovation drawings free, project bidding construction team qualified by the Japanese headquarters audit Hand-Pulled Noodle Ottawa tailung;

human resources assistance

before opening the shop, Ta Ro Japanese Ramen headquarters to provide personnel recruitment, personnel system reference materials; and to help the Franchisee Recruitment staff.

After the

shop, Ta Ro Japanese Ramen headquarters sent counseling manager in store counseling for three months. If additional manpower needs, after coordination, the headquarters also provide paid support, and often provide in-service education and training.

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