Why entrepreneurs must focus on the 95 Market

entrepreneurs to join the market, the new law will grasp the business market. For example, you have to know who the current mainstream consumer groups, in fact, is 95, so you want to start from the beginning of concern about the beginning of the year 95.

some market will double expansion. For example, more and more people love the two child, and the city of maternal and child market step, 30-50% annual growth rate should be no problem. Because there is a huge increase, as long as you can provide fresh service, growth is not a problem.

1, great products should always be young, always teenagers

great products in the early few promising, because they are for young users, in fact most people cannot read.

far view, apple, Microsoft and Google are young people’s toys; near, when WeChat was born, it is only the young talent contact. QQ did not meet the huge scale of users, even niche markets are not only concerned; Taobao’s first non mainstream crowd (group of students) the non mainstream market (the first is from the sale of non official start).

maybe in the market business and productivity, can bypass this law. But for 2C products, if not to the mainstream crowd teenagers, then basically can be determined: it can not become a great product.

2, fingertip children generation, is the tide front

– something important to say three times!

– I am speechless

– wall "! Fuck!

– I and my buddy are shocked!

: not seek death will not die, why don’t you understand?

– Danger ahead!

: seriously you lose! >

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