How to take a name will let customers most willing to pay

is now a lot of shopkeepers are lamenting the business is not good to do, not only because of the fierce competition, but also because the customer is now more and more smart, and they want to make money is not easy. In fact, if the name of good, can cause a lot of customers most willing to pay. The name is also called signs, to my own shop name in ancient times called false signs, and a great deal of attention, roughly three principles:

first, loud, easy mouth, words to be different.

second, with the sale of goods.

third, that is to say that geely.

is also is written signs to be concise, easy to understand and read loud to smooth, easy to pronounce. The purpose of hanging out is to let others remember, so this is also very important. If the sign reads uncommon words, the sign of the depression, also lost.

if you want to know the name of personality more, might as well in the high streets and back lanes around, "Minimalism", "little witch", "fashion a soap shop" and "YH" and so on, so you can move to buy the favor. Walk in the clean and pleasant mood was quite high streets and back lanes. I noticed a street name, found that many names have personality oh. Nowadays, people more and more emphasis on the "visual impact", a variety of personalized name has become a business manufacturing aspect selling point, the first move to attract customers.

The way

clock method and Rui Jing Road, there are several popular jewelry shop has personality, such as: "the pirate ship", "toy shop", "fashion · food, there is every kind of pottery, jewelry, bags and so on, attract fashion people frequently patronize.

who said that the cartoon is only a child’s patent, there are many adults love this. There are several domestic cartoon masterpieces name of the clothing store, on the road opposite the Zhongminbaihui such as "urban spirit", "Seto warrior" and "car fashion commune", inside the clothes styles, elegant fashion, attracted many women are coming. Digital civilization. "1/2", "234" this name will keep you in mind a question mark, this is actually a shoe store. If you want to buy shoes or casual sports shoes, may wish to come here to search.

now the children have their own fashion store, "Captain", "lovely", "Ou la la", "Ann", "cocoa duck", these cute names are selling children’s good clothes and shoes, a lot of beautiful mothers with children come here. "Offbeat thinking", "Iam", "the library", "3%%", walk this street clock method, this name is to let you think this is a clothing store. A few of these

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