Travel agents can make money

now people love to travel, so that the major travel agencies, hotel business has become very hot, because of this, many investors are thinking of opening a travel agency to make money. So, travel agents can make money?

travel agents can make money? It is not easy to open a travel agency, it is very difficult to make money. Xiao Bian why say so? Let’s get to know each other.

one, too many travel agencies.

two, open the travel agency whether you do is to do, or do groups need to be related, you can survive. Never mind you can only watch your money dashuipiao.

three, travel agents can make money? Rent, staff expenses, electricity, water, taxes, gifts and so on, if your room is rented, you do not earn money within 20-25 per year. Only on this money is your profit. Now the travel agency’s profits are pitifully low.

this is just a simple analysis, it can be seen, if you want to make money investment, ready to open a travel agency does not seem to be a good choice. So, if you are now ready to venture capital, travel agencies is not a worthwhile choice.

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