Nanjing mobile banking score was ranked 77.5 points behind

mobile phone is almost everyone has a hand, so many banks and launched a mobile banking this feature, allowing customers to operate more convenient. However, in a large number of banks, the Bank of Nanjing’s mobile banking score was 77.5 points, ranking in the back! The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

compared with last year, the overall improvement of the Bank of Nanjing mobile banking is not large. Compared with last year, the financial sector is still small, business travel spending is still a blank, popular online applications for credit card features do not have. At the same time, when you log on to the Bank of Nanjing mobile phone is not prompted to log in, the user can not get tips when you forget to log in mode, experience greatly reduced.

comprehensive function, experience, security, evaluation of 4 dimensions of innovation, the Bank of Nanjing mobile banking to get a score of 77.5, in the evaluation of the inclusion of the top 19 mobile banking.

a, function (22.5 minutes /35 minutes) business travel is still a blank zone online loan perfect

Bank of Nanjing mobile banking in the functional score is low, less financial products. At present, the bank financing funds, treasury bonds in the sale, the lack of foreign exchange and precious metals; payment of life, as still and last year only support Nanjing area payment, although species than the whole, but the coverage is too small; also compared with other banks, the Bank of Nanjing mobile phone bank does not travel consumption function, air tickets, train tickets, the tickets are not available online.

The Bank of Nanjing

mobile phone bank credit card function relatively perfect, opening the "credit card", you can see the "basic information", "credit card credit card installment transactions and inquiries, billing inquiries" and "credit card payments", "change password" function keys, but the lack of credit card application, query applications. The function in line. Online lending function is a bright spot. Open the Bank of Nanjing mobile phone bank "online loan", can be directly carried out the loan application online, open the "credit management" can be the amount of loan information, information query and repayment information, can also carry out self-help and self loan repayment.

comprehensive view, the Bank of Nanjing mobile banking business is more focused on credit cards, loans and financial management, the user’s other consumer demand for life did not dig deep. The contrast into the evaluation of the other 18 mobile banking, there are 15 banks in the mobile banking business includes the consumption function.

two, experience (32 minutes /40 minutes) does not support the password back

Nanjing bank mobile banking experience moderate score, the overall user experience is good, but there are still some drawbacks. For example, the login does not display the login type, the user can not remember when the login name, can not be directly recommended according to the tips

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