Ma Zhongcai sold luosifen earn 100 thousand a month

luosifen Guangxi side delicacy snacks, hesitate and unique taste, is very nutritious, so loved by the vast number of consumers, so many people choose luosifen in investment projects, to talk about today is a young man of his business is also sold luosifen, business is extremely strong, he can earn 100 thousand dollars a a month!

2008 years after graduation, Ma Zhongcai worked at the Shanghai star international editor, a year after he moved to Beijing, and Jiang Feng, Fan Shaoqing, Li Haiyang co founded the Beijing earth culture communication limited liability company, mainly is the author of this piece of brokerage. The cost is not large, do not issue, the company’s operating situation is not satisfactory. At that time, and he is the same as the "germ line" Guo Jingming as early as the editor in chief, and also as early as the driver of the Ma Zhongcai, although also published 8 books, but did not earn much money in the book, and so on, as early as the driver, and so on, but also did not earn much money.


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