What are the promotion of beverage shop

is now a hot beverage market, such a small investment projects, attracting a lot of attention to small entrepreneurs. Some people want to open their own drinks shop, in order to attract the attention of consumers as soon as possible, do a good job of promotional activities is very important, then what are the promotion of the beverage shop?

business promotion: first points: a year down the festival, there are dozens of large and small, and these festivals are very good promotional theme. The first one or two weeks before the festival began. Promotional activities include: Student ID can be discounted; family discount, buy one get one, with leaflets can be reduced ## yuan; the number of consumer vouchers will be returned back to 5 yuan, 30 vouchers etc..

opening promotion: second points: with the nearby shopping mall or some other relatively busy shops, full 30 yuan shopping in the mall, tickets plus 5 yuan to give a cup of pearl milk tea. Or a discount on a receipt.

business promotion: third points: the introduction of special packages, together with cheaper, do some snacks category of $10 package with drinks, snacks this piece also do. In the mix, can also be appropriate to add some local tastes.

opening promotion: fourth points: according to the nearby tourist situation, do a micro marketing, that is, the use of WeChat this platform, you can do promotion platform can also be sent to send a single platform.

business promotion: Fifth points: publicity, the most cost-effective means to send leaflets, a printed down the 2000, in the vicinity of the store where the flow of people more than the distribution. Of course, you can also pull a promotional banner, where people can pay more attention to the promotion of advertising.

above is about drinks shop some promotion means, you have learned? Although the opening of the beverage shop business opportunities, but the competition is also very intense, so we should work harder, do more promotions, efforts to attract the attention of consumers, in order to achieve personal dreams.

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