Wujiang innovation and entrepreneurship contest can get up to 300 thousand yuan reward

have to say entrepreneurial incentives role is very large, business in Wujiang has a very awesome entrepreneurial support, Wujiang entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who want to go to Wujiang, to seize the opportunity!

you think Wujiang venture? The project is good, not only can take root, but also reward! Wujiang District of Suzhou city by the personnel office, people club Bureau, bureau of science and technology and the League co sponsored by four science park and other 10 units organized the 2016 public record future dream Wujiang innovation and entrepreneurship competition recently formally launched the application, this event for the global business elite invitation, tentative final held on June.

in a good business policy driven, very many people start their own business plan, also believe in the policy under the help of people’s entrepreneurial quality will be improved continuously, the economic development of Wujiang will become better and better!



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