Beijing open home store annual profit of up to hundreds of thousands

consumption level is now the embodiment of people’s pursuit of material life, and now the home market has become the most attractive industry entrepreneurs. For people living in Beijing entrepreneurs, such as in Beijing consumption level is generally high in the environment, to join the Home Furnishing Unlimited Business Opportunities, is a good opportunity for a business, home furnishings market demand space in strong consumption has become an unprecedented broad, Beijing Home Furnishing joined hundreds of thousands of years of profits!

1, from a design perspective: jewelry design and development is high high risk investment, once the failure will lead to devastating consequences;

2, from the production perspective: imported products occupy a large market, the price is expensive, for ordinary consumers;

3, from the perspective of circulation: Chinese Home Furnishing jewelry industry in the initial stage, the market circulation fettered by the traditional marketing mode;

4, from the angle of operation: due to the limitation of the circulation and mode of operation, the product price is high.

if every day with 5 people visiting your furniture shop, and buy the following products, a cartoon cat is pillow, to join the headquarters for the price of 28, the market sales price of 58; a European apron three, join the headquarters price of 26 yuan the market sales price of 58 yuan; a stylish and elegant pottery Yang peach bottle, join the headquarters for the price of 30 yuan, the market price is 88 yuan; delicate landing rattan lamps a pure handmade, join the headquarters for the price of 162 yuan, the market price is 486 yuan; a set of clear crystal four tea, to join the headquarters for the price of 64 yuan, the market price of 256 yuan. Turnover of 946 yuan, the product cost of $310, gross profit of $636, such as the treatment of the VIP card to hold up to twenty percent off, then the gross profit of $508.

30 square meters of simple shop, rent by 1500 yuan / month, wages 1200 yuan /2, industry and commerce, the tax cost of 150 yuan / month, telephone charges and electricity 150 month / month, a total of 3000 month / month, the cost is 100 yuan.

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