The most suitable for entrepreneurs to join the textile brand project

home textile industry has a broad market opportunities, market sales is also very hot, becoming the first choice for many entrepreneurs to join. According to the survey, the introduction of home textiles to join the system to open home textile store success rate of up to 76%, while the success rate of independent shops is only about 24%, so the opening of the brand home textile shop is a shortcut to the success of entrepreneurs.

what brand is the best choice for us to join the shop, China textile network statistics in April ten to join the national attention home textile brand textile project, heat ten brands of the highest ranking to let everyone know about the list, respectively: Luo Laijia spinning, bermo home textiles, violet home textile, mercury home textiles. Hengyuanxiang home textiles, textile Vico, more popular textile, textile Dai Funi, mendale, Sheng Yu textile brand textile enterprises of the ten textile brand is recently the most attention hot.

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bermo home join conditions: more than 200 thousand start-up capital, provincial, prefectural, county level of more than 60 square meters, a width of 6 meters and a floor area: storefront, or local upscale shopping malls. Funding requirements: 1, more than $300 thousand at the county level; 2, prefecture level more than $500 thousand; 3, the provincial level of more than 600 thousand yuan. Need to pay 1-2 million deposit, after the contract can be refunded;

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