Zhongshan city this year, people have started over the task of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial wind from the developed cities gradually scraped to the two or three line of rural towns, many successful entrepreneurial projects to promote employment. Through the constant optimization of rural gathering talent, talent, with only the environment, making the town of rural entrepreneurs continue to emerge, and promote the increase in income of rural residents.

the town using the Internet, radio and other carriers, provide employment information required for different types of youth. The town set up a public town entrepreneurial mentor group, inviting young entrepreneurs in the town of business leaders who intend to start business guidance, strengthen the training of rural leaders to become rich. Organized a "I want to start – Zhongshan city people in 2015 venture fair", set up 60 booths to participate in activities to attract nearly ten thousand people into the shopping, sales amounted to 150 thousand yuan. According to reports, organized by the fair has achieved good results, inspired the town youth, set off a new round of youth entrepreneurship boom.

the town is also actively carry out the "I you Amoy Le   Tim love difficult family flea market project. The town’s social service center and increasingly difficult family oriented cooperation, to carry out the cultivation of knowledge, sales skills training, integration of Agricultural Service Center, Municipal Women’s Federation "loving parents", indoor supermarket and other resources, build families of flexible employment, trading platform.

achieve income from encourage people business, build employment platform for different groups, the corresponding business support. Fully promote the rural labor force to start a new round of entrepreneurial boom.

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