Li Yanjuan husband and wife to stall the supermarket to open the history of struggle

although many businesses have already had their own shops, business has done fast, however, as early as a few decades, many people are still placed a stall. When you come to a new car in Pingluo County of Ningxia station "my firm", is the first thing in front of several groups of new red plate cigarette counter. In front of the display cabinet, the cigarette box sample with high price and low price is arranged, and the cigarette box is arranged on the cigarette container on the back.

in particular, she put the Yellow Crane Tower (big color) smoke placed in the shape of a look, like a soldier dressed in camouflage, to stand in their own positions. Continue to go inside, you will see shelves full of goods, this is a superb collection of beautiful things, Pingluo "feels firm" female boss Li Yanjuan to open the supermarket.

in Pingluo County if mention Li Yanjuan female boss really known, Wurenbuxiao, who would not think of the live wave cheerful woman man to open the supermarket after the storm, along the way, is it so hard. When Li Yanjuan and her husband had married, the family is not rich, she and her husband on a pair of hands, go through rain and wind, every morning, she and her husband drove off a bumpy road, came on the market. See those rural farmers to the market did not come to buy their own, if often sell several vegetables from farmers in the hands of some car. She and her husband pulled a cart of vegetables in the market shouting wholesale, retail side.

indeed, at that time because began selling vegetables, Li Yanjuan used for his vegetables market scale, particularly strange. Only the husband will recognize, and their own? Will not recognize, but did not dare to give customers a scale. Sometimes Maicai customers, she is just coming to the bag, her husband saw their friends of many years, bustling about, and ran over to help.

Li Yanjuan feel really embarrassed. Secretly determined, we must learn to recognize scales, learn to help her husband scales. Kung futrust people constantly "training" in the husband, in the continuous efforts of Li Yanjuan, in their own booth to explore and practice, not a few days she finally learn to balance food, eat a heart as sweet as honey, face the joy of success.

just one day later, two days later, her husband insists on where to buy food from farmers. Her husband is responsible for the wholesale, and she is responsible for retail. See husband Li Yanjuan learned vegetables and scales dishes, secretly delighted.

second years, Li Yanjuan and her husband and playing a small abacus, thought, selling is also selling, selling the same is also selling the two, simply put some fruit to sell, bull business, long profit. A small abacus a good start in the street put up a stall. Li Yanjuan thought: I want to make up my mind to do something, not only rely on her husband, I have to learn to be independent, the husband can not often

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