Michim children’s choice of joining the project, has been a very hot market. Open a belongs to their own children’s clothing store, is also a very good choice. Join Michim children’s clothing, it is worth choosing!

Michim integrity management to allow franchisees to move towards a better tomorrow. Wuhan, in the grasp of the market? Mickey, has been the leading industry, at the same time, in the innovation and transformation of the products, is constantly growing, this process is a key to the company after the talent shows itself in the market competition. China’s market after years of hot, in recent years has been slightly decline, but this is not necessarily a big business. After all, in this era of change in the teeth of the storm turn, only the courage to seize the opportunity, to old change new, can develop later in the process, to seize the initiative, to occupy more market share. read more

is a small entrepreneurs need EQ, yes, look at all those successful entrepreneurs, their emotional intelligence is absolutely high, but entrepreneurs should have what kind of emotional intelligence, let us work together to study about it.



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now some Small and micro businesses development occupies an important link, at the same time, has brought new opportunities in many places for the development of Small and micro businesses, in the high-tech zone of Jiangmen city is committed to creating Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship heights.

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in the eyes of many people, looking for a project really is a very troublesome thing, a good project threshold is high, the cost of joining hundreds of thousands of light, which for small entrepreneurs who really is a big figure. For small entrepreneurs, in the small cities will be a lot of pressure on the small business, then the small city entrepreneurs to find what projects to make money fast? Are there any good projects with low investment risk? Here we take a look at the small business in the city. read more

Many people work to be

people are very tired of the kind of single way of life, unwilling to mediocrity life people want to realize their own value through entrepreneurship, but business is not so easy to do can do. The first thing to do is to start this project selection. Take now more popular tea to join, what brand will be better? Today Xiaobian recommend for you to join the project aunt milk! So, aunt milk tea to join?.


tea headquarters to give consumers more than just a card, a cup of tea, not only pay attention to the cultural and health drinks. Aunt aunt tea tea? Headquarters to do is to lead consumers to healthy eating habits, strengthen consumer awareness, strengthen consumer consumption of fast food products over the years by the pursuit of quality, the franchisee’s praise. read more

why a lot of jewelry store, although only a small store, but can attract so many customers to patronize, what is the secret? Why small jewelry store market is so big?

Why can

"temptation zone" jewelry has become rookie in the small commodity market?

first from the start "temptation zone" high quality and inexpensive, fashion jewelry is taken by the low price, high flow way. Big flow can really born hypermarket. Large flow driven procurement, to ensure low prices, in order to ensure that the true arrival rate and store of goods timely; in order to reflect the price competitive advantage of supermarkets. Of course, will be favored by franchisees and to ensure the operation of low prices. read more

in the face of natural disasters, human being is very small, the fragile life cannot withstand a single blow. The Jiangsu, Yancheng tornado has caused 99 deaths, let us in a time of distress, there will be more survivors pray, want them out of this natural suffering as soon as possible.

Jiangsu 26 noon Yancheng City held a press conference to announce that as of now, large hail disaster killed 99 people, injured 107 people were cured; Funing, Sheyang set up a total of 14 settlements, resettlement 1591 people. read more

now the whole society among some Small and micro businesses has attracted people’s attention, at the same time, local governments are also actively introduce some policies, in order to help many Small and micro businesses to solve a series of problems and the operation process of venture capital.

2015 was founded in February, engaged in the development of network of the trimaran company, by initiating the shortage of funds difficult. The day before, the company from Jiangsu Huaan insurance company and the Construction Bank (601939, shares) jointly launched the "entrepreneurial microfinance guarantee insurance" smoothly under the loan of 100 thousand yuan, is like a timely rain, so that small businesses to buy office equipment etc.. read more

many people want to do business, many people will choose the clothing industry, in fact, the clothing industry is a great pressure, but the profit is large, the general clothing store will have a lot of consumers to try to buy the clothes fitting room, this time there is actually a lot of chance to clinch a deal, because people are fond of others ask yourself to praise, but also can recommend other clothing, here to talk about the clothing store customer fitting and customer communication skills. read more