since 2010, the group has been very hot network, such as the general development of mushrooms, learned from the Internet to buy site has reached more than 5000. A group purchase of consumer online shopping with its price advantage, those discounts online so that these consumers are very careful in reckoning the heart has been fixed. In the face of so many buy site, as a consumer, how do you look at it, how do you choose to buy site

?With the competition of group purchase website

is more and more intense, a lot of make the economic ability of the group purchase party has to find some star endorsement, and this kind of promotion way and let the brand website not to have! The star effect or the effect is very good, some consumers will want to have a star endorsement this website, the group purchase certainly very good. But I want to say is that although there are stars do spokesmen, but this thing is to pay attention to the goods is better, maybe you can not see what clues. But when you experience, you will find that the group is not so good. Take an example! read more


] October 26th news billion state power network, the day before the billion state power network wired the domestic men’s brand CEO Wu Shihui Crespo card understanding, Crespo card brand for some of this year and eleven double attitude for some idea of the future development of the brand.

Tmall’s flagship

Crespo card

Wu Shihui said: "to billion state power network in the double eleven years, now has no original head, think to do brand or have to have their own rhythm, don’t can make what kind of performance through a promotion, but to think about how to do their own user location, precipitation." read more

Dare to challenge the

with Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other large search engines, is known as "the universe’s largest Chinese search engine" of song tiger website. Open the home page, the site lists the "Baidu + Google", "Song tiger", "Sogou", "114" and other Chinese search methods and three kinds of English search mode (English search way temporarily unavailable) (13).

cottage search engine founder network exposure

this is called the cottage cottage in the media, the search engine, who founded it? read more

news December 11th, with the largest BT seed search site "BT China alliance" down, SARFT rectify Internet audio-visual service action has lasted a week, there are media reports, SARFT will shut down from today about 200 without audio-visual program license website.

earlier in the year 9, SARFT website issued the "management of Internet audio-visual program service provision", the new regulations require any website or individual without the "permit", not to engage in Internet audio-visual program service. Violation of the bad circumstances, undocumented broadcast up to 3 months to focus on the investigation, and resolutely shut down. read more

14:28 on May 12th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County of Wenchuan, which was strongly felt in the country and more city. Affected by the earthquake, Sichuan County, Beichuan, estimated the death toll of 3000 to 5000 people, injured people were 10 thousand, the specific number of casualties is still in the statistics. After the earthquake, general secretary Hu Jintao immediately made important instructions to rescue the wounded as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of people in disaster areas. Premier Wen Jiabao is heading for disaster relief work. read more

Xi’an Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce website pornographic information

from 2005 to the present 5 years, this page only updated a pornographic information

Hualong network reported on March 30th the morning of March 30th, the net friend "setter" in the western forum broke the news: "Xi’an city Industrial and Commercial Bureau website was hacked:" Grandpa appears to pregnant granddaughter check…… " Pornographic information, the reporter landed in the afternoon of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry website, this obscene information still exists. read more

– Beijing fun to take information technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou, where information technology Co., Ltd. unfair competition dispute case

the appellant (plaintiff): Beijing qunar Information Technology Co. Ltd.

the appellant (defendant): Guangzhou city where information technology Co. Ltd.

source: Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court (2013) Guangdong min three final civil judgment No. 565th

case profile

May 9, 2005, Beijing fun to take the company’s former legal representative Zhuang Chenchao registered domain name and created a website, after the transfer to the Beijing fun to take the company. In 2006, the company took the interest to obtain telecommunications and information services business license, the type of business information services for the Internet business, the name of the site to take tourism search engine, website October 7, 2011, Beijing fun to get the company in the thirty-eighth category (Communications) services, 39 categories (Tourism) services on the registration of Qunar.Com+ camel graphics, where to go +Qunar.Com+ camel graphics trademark. read more

yesterday, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center jointly led Mission Network released in 2013 (on) China network group purchase market data monitoring report. The report shows that in the first half of 2013, buy market (including buy platform) turnover reached 23 billion 898 million yuan, an increase of 63%. Compared with the second half of 2012 20 billion 231 million yuan, an increase of $18%. It is worth noting that, in the first half of this year, the new site was born 41, closing 1168. The report shows that as of June 30, 2013, the total number of the country’s total number of websites to buy up to 6218, a total of close to 4670, the mortality rate of up to 75%. read more

Internet business, domain name first "this sentence in minon always spread inside the circle, but in many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet, the domain name is easily ignored, currency circle is no exception, so there is a" Blockpay "domain names. At the end of 2014, the author of the coin circle ten classic bitcoin domain to do some personal analysis and simple comments, I hope the circle of money companies can further recognize the importance of domain names, while strengthening the awareness of domain name protection. At the end of this article, with some data in recent years, a number of bitcoin domain name transactions, hoping to give some reference to the valuation of the currency circle in the domain name. read more

site: the problem of a single price system error

lawyer: the site has the responsibility of contracting fault

"to travel, to find the way cattle!" recently, citizen Mr Liu is running with the slogan, in the heart of the purchase special offer travel orders, unexpectedly low turn into foam, the website unilaterally cancel the order is. In this regard, tuniu explained that due to problems caused by the website system. Activist lawyers believe that the responsibility of the site bears fault. read more

"since the successful marketing of" 07 issue, keep a reader calls it "the long tail" marketing 2 era: a fierce exchanges with print. In these readers are studying the marketing theory of intellectuals, with officials undertake marketing work is enterprises, experts and scholars hold different opinions, and asked the specific strategies of corporate executives. For this they certainly will not repeat them here, to avoid "Wangpo saying" too. However, we still noticed that some people say: hey! You visualize the long tail theory. You told us that a new era has a new opportunity. You talked about the example of the "moving yellow ball" and "obedient chicks". You talk about KFC, Coca-Cola and Procter & gamble. But marketing is not a simple copy, we want to know how we do our own marketing 2…… read more

March 2nd news according to the "New York Times" reports, the U.S. state of New Jersey federal prosecutors said on Monday, four net are all Wiseguys Tickets hacking into the online ticketing website, bought 1 million pieces of the country’s hottest concerts and sports events tickets, and the resale, $25 million in illegal profits.

these hackers will face 43 charges, the prosecutor said these people set up a network, the network can generate thousands of false accounts. Although the official ticketing software for the sake of safety, prevent people from brute force, users need to personally confirm the identification code system has been set up, but in the face of these hackers cracked software, identification code system is useless. read more

      the second meter statue network domain name auction will be held in Beijing the day before. Site of the 36 domains, including,,, Andy Lau.Com, including the auction, including the sale of 8 domain names.

auction in the domain name of the auction, due to the most favored by Chinese netizens search engine Baidu ( prefix the same, can be described as one of the most concerned about the domain name. Although the domain name is no reserve auction, but due to the sale of the parties set up a reserve price, while the highest bid is only 20 thousand yuan, the final brutally beat. read more

last week, in the first 1 days before the upcoming stable version of the submission of the line, suddenly a slightly scare thing:


afternoon, we found that Android online version to share micro-blog’s features have failed, independent models is independent of network, and had never seen this kind of situation, but at the same time, the corresponding functional version of IOS is no problem.

was really the whole person is not good, because we can not find the reason, but fortunately, finally found the problem: read more

as the saying goes, the enemy awareness. This is the website ranking. In order to make your web site ranking is better, many people will invest in tracking competitors, tracking competitor analysis site is how to row in front of us, its essence to its dregs, the advantageous method used in our own body, so we can be fast enough to go beyond them, industry leader. Therefore, master some necessary tracking competitors extrapolation method is particularly important for web site operators.

on the web site operators, timely insight and track competitor extrapolation method can accurately grasp the other is dynamic, know each other through the optimization design and how to do website ranking will be in front of us, it is very important to improve our website ranking. So how can we track competitors? read more

renamed China ( June 17th hearing, it is reported that, along with the Jingdong 6· 18 anniversary approaching, Gome online, shop No. 1,, Tmall, and other electricity providers encirclement of the potential increased. Recently, Jingdong JD+ version of the new channel enabled two domain name line, its joint Baidu, HUAWEI and other companies a variety of JD+ smart new products have landed on the platform.

at the end of February this year, the Jingdong held a plan "JD+" conference, together with Baidu and a number of intelligent hardware enterprises. The online Jingdong JD+ channel, divided into JD+ products, Jingdong Intelligent Cloud ( and other navigation columns. The JD+ products include small eyes and ears of the I, Kiki Jiangkang sphygmomanometer, Baidu wireless music box, Lenovo see Jiabao, PICOOC smart healthy body fat analyzer, etc.. read more

during the festive season is forced, especially the spring festival. As a common social phenomenon, or even directly led to the forced marriage website business growth. During the Spring Festival every year, the mainstream of love and marriage sites will be greatly increased traffic.

but for many dating sites, the 2015 Spring Festival is not easy. Just a few days before, the National Network Information Office jointly announced the relevant departments in the country started to carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty and illegal special rectification work, serious dishonesty dating website in this action will be cleared, and even shut down. (Note: reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, "dating sites serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work has been carried out, according to reports from the public, the national network information office organized forces, on the eve of the Spring Festival to focus on the verification disposal of a number of dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information illegal dating sites, including love, Sky Network lover the city, about gun lover, one night stand, about loving friends, play the net, to explain, have happy palace, the happy forest forum, 22 net rose a total of 65 read more

buy network too disappointing, is to deceive the consumer." A netizen in Mizuki community posting emotion. I set a hot pot package, the price of 35 yuan. The results of a ceremony known as the Philippines is up 8 pieces of beef, beef, pot washing can not find. Known as the two silver carp, the result is two inches long fish, into the pot will clip up."

from March this year, the domestic group buying network was explosive growth. Just a few months, there are reports that the number of Chinese buy network has soared to thousands of homes. The day before, Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other large portals also began to get involved in the field of group purchase. read more

business alliance consumer rebates chain breaks more than 1 billion principal suspended

June 5th rebate network business alliance

operating just over half of the suddenly open, on behalf of the consumer rebate chain has thus declared fracture. The morning of June 1st, is located in the Wenzhou River Road No. 188, Blue River Technology Park Wenzhou Ju Sen Technology Co. Ltd. (Business Alliance for its one-stop rebate platform) outside the crowded, more than and 70 agents and a large number of members together to inquire about the news. The company has been deserted, in addition to computer and other office supplies have nothing. read more

news December 20th, the second session of the 2009 Tianjin Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Tianjin on the afternoon of December 19th new cultural square clamatorial building, the conference hosted by Tianjin webmaster alliance, TopZone network media exclusive sponsorship, Congress got webmaster webmaster club, Luqiao magazine, China network, Admin5 5LA network, and other units and media support.

the theme of the conference is "cooperation and win-win", from tuoyu media, Tianjin Shen Chang cool light brother, Luqiao Wang Huijiang, Tianjin Chinese net webmaster union chairman Liu Hongwu, Tianjin webmaster alliance vice chairman Wu Peng, Liu Ming, the creators found play Li Di, easy network software Wang Lei, Pincheng home network Cheng Jingfeng, OPPLE network Andy, network marketing network, Xian Hao Yue long beautiful community, I want to get married to Kun, grassroots package Yundong read more