Beijing company called P2P platform profits through their vote "WeChat push" run away ".

source: Vision China

With the acceleration of the

net loan industry to accelerate, more than one thousand P2P platform has become a problem platform, the emergence of cash withdrawal difficulties, or even stop on foot. In the tide of rectification, P2P problem platform wonderful foot endless announcement.

the evening of January 9th, the Beijing company called P2P platform profit vote "push a WeChat public number and stunned investors, this article titled" [cast] profit run!!!!! "Article by its staff editor released, said the investment profitability has run away, the company was the seizure of his fellow victims. The article also announced the boss Wu Zhishuang’s identity card, mobile phone and other personal information and urged investors to "see this person, please call 110 people". read more

SNS, see also SNS.

SNS on that point thing, not the wheat or Cao Zenghui, you come to me to do three push ups can all understand. Before thinking of Chen Yizhou, said: "we are very cool." You laugh, people haven’t understood the genuine Facebook, where are you cool. But the Internet is the Internet, do not follow the trend is not the Internet, no matter understand it, not to mention the mix of Internet SNS, said no solid foundation; do men talk about women, are not very straight up. As a result, our man should be a king, to talk about SNS in women. read more

According to the statistical report of

group purchase navigation site 800 released the latest (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the mainstream of domestic group purchase site turnover following after falling in September fell 4.3% to 1 billion 780 million yuan, the number of single 9772 316 thousand, however, 34 million 784 thousand people have purchased the first degrees lower than the same period last year. In the industry view, buy websites and businesses need to improve the performance of single group to attract customers. read more

I am 24 years old, three years after graduation, have a shameful life

details, said the general situation of the day is like this, usually around 10 in the morning to get up, generally do not eat breakfast, wake up directly to open the computer on the Internet,

is the main shopping forum, like the laggards; webmaster there is my own small Joseph Cheng Chinese network

normally on the network to play at 12 o’clock, sometimes to a XXX, just eat lunch, and then at night all night movie download computer hang…… read more

news sharing site Digg

news July 13th, was hailed as "the first social media website news sharing site Digg have fame, earned $60 million for 18 months, and now has $500 thousand acquisition, what


, a Silicon Valley venture star fall. Founded in October 2004, has been hailed as the first social media site, news sharing site Digg was acquired by the New York technology company Betaworks for a mere $500 thousand. Why do you want to know, Digg had been in the hands of the hands of Marc Andreessen and LinkedIn founder of Reid, including $4 million 500 thousand from 2008, there are rumors that Google bid $200 million acquisition in. read more

renamed Chinese from 2005 to now, 5 years. In the support of new and old customers, "China between these 5 years has won the award, and the continuous innovation and development, officially launched many excellent platforms, including English international, enterprise service platform.

CNNIC top-level domain name from 2005 renamed Chinese registered certification, renamed China officially launched "platform in August of the same year, a road of development, and constantly adapt to the development of the industry and change, many upgrades platform and technology system, and also introduced the domain name, domain name, domain name, forum information channel, has diversified development platform China, committed to doing the best domain name website. read more

you must first clear: make money to those who can not make money on what people.

some money can be collected, some of the money can not be collected, random collection of user money is not a clever means.

when your client feels that something is not worth it, your end is coming.

as a saying goes: come out mixed, sooner or later is to return.


is mixed well, and also it is not only the cost of capital, but.

once again reminded: when you do not have confidence in their business, do not receive the user’s money! read more

A5 webmaster network ( June 5th news, Wanda electricity supplier for three years for two CEO news yesterday, said Wanda electricity supplier CEO Dong policy has officially discharged from the electricity supplier in June 3rd, will go to Australia to take care of their families.

at the end of August last year, Wanda joint Baidu, the big two Tencent set up electricity supplier company, Dong CE Ren CEO, but took office less than a year he left secret. Prior to Dong policy, Wanda electricity supplier after another CEO Gong Yitao served two years after leaving. And is scheduled for the afternoon of June 4th in Beijing Wanda electricity supplier executives met also postponed. read more

      a website claiming English training center using the "Harvard" and "Harvard", a move to the Harvard University yesterday to fake.

      according to Harvard University in Beijing for the trademark attorney Zhao Lifeng, Harvard University in the United States in 2000 has been to "Harvard" and "Harvard" in China registered as trademarks, including the education service category. In March this year, they found that "" on its website using the Harvard English Training Center, "Harvdrd" violated trademark rights. read more

recently in the major portals we often see news about the discovery of the tomb of Cao Cao: for example, today in January 4, 2009, Sina in the domestic news and have a "experts say May 1 female corpse Tomb of Cao Cao in" poisoning death that looks very suddenly, but I have to search about 09 years in December in the Sina online will find there are a lot of news.

experts say the tomb of Cao Cao may be caused by broken Pai destroyed tomb (04 11:14)

Hebei nationals questioned the tomb of Cao Cao, Henan, said 2006 has been found (04 08:44) read more

innate innovation genes, so that change has become the eternal theme of the Internet world. Between people, between people and society, are deeply involved in the Internet because of the depth of rewriting, the release of more likely.

2017, traditional industries and the Internet how to spark station? How is the change of air, whimsy and new experience? Network "giant" and "unicorn" story, who will write a new legend


at the beginning of the new year, we once again launched the 2017 Internet eight guess". Although only the prediction, we still look forward to: expect more concepts and techniques that fall flowering, daily living more convenient and more comfortable wisdom; look forward to more standard and perfect, let freedom without losing the self-discipline of network space, more interesting is not contrary to their expectations and orderly; to participate, both for the sharing of pay, also can activate the dream to travel in the tide of the times. read more

2004 search engine wars smoke has not cleared, the concept of WEB2.0 in 2005 was floating over the Internet in 2006, but also do not know what fresh thing sprang to attract the attention of netizens. As for the other concepts are emerging, such as: the reconstruction of the web, online advertising reform, etc.. The Internet elite, the Internet practitioners (including my personal webmaster) seems to lead another revolution, can Chinese users eyes without flash light of hope.

search engine wars to the users of the most profound impression is keep out through ActiveX tools Installation Tips in the individual Webmaster Help, these tools successfully raped users of the WEB2.0 browser; for ordinary users, almost equivalent to floating around BLOG registered advertising and personal BLOG crazy publicity information 2, WEB2.0 advocates claim that allows users to see less useless information by aggregating realize personal information, but BSP can not eat, but in addition to advertising BSP in their personal BLOG almost can’t think of anything else…… read more

the moment when the Spring Festival entered the peak period, we should have realized that, in 2013, have really gone, for the electricity supplier, it is a history of the year. Tmall 35 billion, where the decline, flash purchase, Jingdong to recuperate, Dangdang silently a shop on the whole category of attack…… Electricity supplier of this lake is very lively!

this year, the battle has bid farewell to the past simple price war in the Cold War era, the weapons upgrade the smoke in the fire, promotion war, category warfare, logistics warfare, warfare, warfare, financial data entrance battle…… Has been upgraded, and even "killer category, big data, Internet banking has become a standard operation and so on, fighting more intense, more feeling left to the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, is the last laugh. read more

note: the ant gold clothing brands to communicate with the public, senior director Chen Liang shared "Alipay ten bill" marketing case on WOW new media marketing conference in tiger sniffing. He said, "ten years" is not for Thanksgiving sale, as a tool products Alipay need to find a empathize with the user’s connection, "bill" has become the best choice. But the difficulty is how to establish a connection between the user "ten years" and "bill". The Alipay read more

"complaints are very heavy, and very funny." It may be for you to express the life can not love helpless.


owner Mumu said they love funny things, she saw the sad frog in a selected goods (Sad Frog) in the eye and tissue boxes, so add them to your Taobao store. Mumu used in WeChat saw the only tears, look the sorrow of the frog, it is a kind of "lost to the lovely" feeling.

is now one of the most popular items in the Taobao store, a single item from the two sad frogs. There are 3743 comments on the frog’s paper tray, with a monthly sales of $645. If you know the ability of Chinese Shanzhai manufacturers and Taobao owners to chase hot spots, then you will understand the frog frog in the social network on the fiery level. There are even businesses designed conveniently sad frog Spring Festival window. read more

renamed China ( April 16th news, recently, Guangxi Guilin, a local Agel Ecommerce Ltd enabled Larry domain, launched a regional O2O e-commerce platform "housekeeper". The site is still only beta.

figure: Butler

it is reported that the housekeeper is a year long after the preparation, carefully crafted regional O2O e-commerce platform. Hope that through the establishment of e-commerce as the core, to create "urban shopping + urban consumption + urban services + city logistics" as one of the business model. read more

since 2010, the group has been very hot network, such as the general development of mushrooms, learned from the Internet to buy site has reached more than 5000. A group purchase of consumer online shopping with its price advantage, those discounts online so that these consumers are very careful in reckoning the heart has been fixed. In the face of so many buy site, as a consumer, how do you look at it, how do you choose to buy site

?With the competition of group purchase website

is more and more intense, a lot of make the economic ability of the group purchase party has to find some star endorsement, and this kind of promotion way and let the brand website not to have! The star effect or the effect is very good, some consumers will want to have a star endorsement this website, the group purchase certainly very good. But I want to say is that although there are stars do spokesmen, but this thing is to pay attention to the goods is better, maybe you can not see what clues. But when you experience, you will find that the group is not so good. Take an example! read more


] October 26th news billion state power network, the day before the billion state power network wired the domestic men’s brand CEO Wu Shihui Crespo card understanding, Crespo card brand for some of this year and eleven double attitude for some idea of the future development of the brand.

Tmall’s flagship

Crespo card

Wu Shihui said: "to billion state power network in the double eleven years, now has no original head, think to do brand or have to have their own rhythm, don’t can make what kind of performance through a promotion, but to think about how to do their own user location, precipitation." read more

Dare to challenge the

with Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other large search engines, is known as "the universe’s largest Chinese search engine" of song tiger website. Open the home page, the site lists the "Baidu + Google", "Song tiger", "Sogou", "114" and other Chinese search methods and three kinds of English search mode (English search way temporarily unavailable) (13).

cottage search engine founder network exposure

this is called the cottage cottage in the media, the search engine, who founded it? read more

news December 11th, with the largest BT seed search site "BT China alliance" down, SARFT rectify Internet audio-visual service action has lasted a week, there are media reports, SARFT will shut down from today about 200 without audio-visual program license website.

earlier in the year 9, SARFT website issued the "management of Internet audio-visual program service provision", the new regulations require any website or individual without the "permit", not to engage in Internet audio-visual program service. Violation of the bad circumstances, undocumented broadcast up to 3 months to focus on the investigation, and resolutely shut down. read more