domestic network fraud practitioners up to 1 million 600 thousand annual output over one billion

cyber crime black industry chain towards borderless

from China’s network of criminal gangs in Europe, the United States set up phishing sites, through a rigorous team cooperation to return home fraud. This has become a normal network crime, thus forming a black industry chain has begun to grow.

"Economic Reference News" reporter 16, from the fourth Chinese Internet security conference was informed that the national China, the United States, Russia, Britain is actively promoting the network security international law enforcement cooperation, through extensive international cooperation, and actively create a comprehensive, wide-ranging, multi-level, pragmatic against cyber crime international law enforcement cooperation pattern. read more

      a website relies on content to win or technology?

      recently saw a lot of website promotion articles, don’t see don’t know to see a jump, website promotion method really multifarious, what kind of have, really is a big bird what all have.

      but is it really important to promote a website? Is the site in some areas for some groups have a good service, the role of this is not enough? The content of the website is excellent, the information is complete, the service is simple, this also is not enough? For example, now in the management of the value of the investment network,   the content of the site, the service is very humane, is a new investment service website. Provide an independent platform to enable users to find the value of the project to achieve maximum revenue. All the starting point from the user point of view, such a site also need to promote, can promote this thing. read more

Lele is the first person to sing on


reporter Bu Xiang photography Wang Xin

Lele back to the office, just removed from the industrial and Commercial Bank of 1760 yuan of "bang" sound, pat on the desk, and colleagues said: "we looked at the flowers, Zhengzhou Hotel pick."

it was a day in June 2011. "You don’t know how happy you were." Lele still remember that unexpected surprise.

Lele is a female teacher at a music school in Zhengzhou. In her spare time, she spoke to the microphone, singing in front of the computer at home, singing through a free voice tool called YY to the Internet, the other also has YY voice software listeners can listen in real time. YY is the development of more than 1760 yuan to the company signed singer Le Lefa’s first month of wages. read more

with Kabasiji’s friends! You open the site to hang alimama! Look at the pop-up warning is not a Trojan program appears to be the address:

I’m a screening found after removing the alimama advertising advertising will not prompt ~ is alimama horse??


but some station seems to have not, strange! Kabasiji’s friends can see this page Ali mother community has more than the reaction to this problem: Tid=197114& page=e& the station feeds. read more

Beijing on April 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States news aggregator website Digg announced on Monday, the company co-founder and CEO Jerry · Adelson (Jay Adelson) has left. Digg another co-founder Kevin · (Kevin Rose) will serve as the acting chief executive officer of the company.

image: Jay · Adelson (left) and · Kevin;

U.S. technology blog TechCrunch founder Michael · (Michael Arrington); Arlington pointed out that last summer, there is news that the Digg board is considering ending cooperation with Adelson. But after the news, Adelson did not leave Digg, instead of moving from New York to California to work in order to confirm the rumors are not correct, Adelson. read more

a simple page, basically can not see the advertising snowball finance website is how to roll up the side of salmon? Founder shared his feelings. After a period of work, he felt that investors are looking forward to a personalized service. So, he began to "personalized", "level" as the basis for the establishment of snowball. Today, he believes the snowball is a "social investment network," snowball like independent thinking investors together to study the company, talk about investment. This is snowball. read more

text / Tencent technology Xin

yesterday, the first network about car management approach, network booking taxi service management Interim Measures, the official implementation.

currently has 58 cities in the country announced the implementation of the rules of the network about the draft, in addition to Hangzhou, Ningbo clear rules from November 1st to implement, other cities have not yet finalized when the implementation. Among them, the Beijing city network about the implementation of the rules of the car management has now completed the views sought, will be announced recently implemented. read more

      see this title, a lot of friends will laugh and say, I was in the business, because I have a few stations, but also in the traffic earned RMB. For you, is in the business, but I think it is a small business, you rely on the instant flow to the so-called SEO ranked after, but the real business of their economic interests mainly from the user, so that you also can not be called real business. Real entrepreneurs need to have a lot of characteristics, we look at the following.

      one, they look far, imagination is very strong, can show a few years after the social situation. Take the largest Chinese mailbox NetEase, its founders should be aware of the basic status of e-mail in the mailbox before the development of today. To seize mailbox gerrymandering, began to enter the online (Westward Journey), news and other fields, eventually become a dominant Chinese on the internet. read more

well-known domestic SNS website happy network (, in the global capital markets fall into the bottom of the big environment, start the second round of financing plan, so widespread concern.

, according to informed sources, happy network has quietly completed the second round of financing, and ultimately in this round of financing of venture capital institutions, and LIAN sources than the earlier media widely, but the limelight in the circle of increasingly qiming. The source said that this round of financing is expected to total $20 million. read more

Google spokesman in an interview with the U.S. technology blog The Verge said that the company’s latest anti piracy algorithm does not affect the famous user original content (UGC) site rankings.

spokesman said that anti piracy is only one of the many factors considered in the Google ranking algorithm. In addition, there are more than and 200 other factors. Therefore, the company believes that this new measure will not affect the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon (micro-blog) and a large number of users with the original content of the site. read more

The following content from the

in a Tencent officer’s brother, he is for WeChat business trends and opportunities to share. Exclusive sharing for your friends.

The content of

1 direction WeChat will further control the subscription number, and discuss the direction of the public financial and economic, especially the blockade and control further, otherwise the subscription number will become the next outbreak of public opinion.

2 WeChat will further support the service number, build service number ecosystem electricity supplier, to promote the development of service number C2C. Micro shopping, micro shop, micro mall and other products have proven their ability to cut. From the service number open menu function, service number open 9 API excuse to the service number open to apply for WeChat payment; sufficient to prove that WeChat is fully promoting the progress of commercialization. read more

      Hello everyone, my name is Huang Xinwei, 22 years old this year. I am now the webmaster network, I come to tell you about my website entrepreneurial experience, I hope to give you some help!

      after graduating from junior high school in 2001, due to my poor results in the exam, failed to continue to go to high school. Lost all day at home after more than a month. On rural sell cheap labor for a living, because parents can not bear to see me sad all day and with their back facing loess way of life in the countryside for a lifetime. So I want to go to learn some of the technology, the future is to go out to work to find a job will be a little better. Learn what technology. Mechanical maintenance, my body is thin and small. I’m afraid I can’t take it. What to learn? The father inquired about the west. Then listen to the people in the village to learn computer well. The computer is popular, they recoil office typing, a work below, and easy and clean, more suitable for me such a quiet man. read more

Beijing company called P2P platform profits through their vote "WeChat push" run away ".

source: Vision China

With the acceleration of the

net loan industry to accelerate, more than one thousand P2P platform has become a problem platform, the emergence of cash withdrawal difficulties, or even stop on foot. In the tide of rectification, P2P problem platform wonderful foot endless announcement.

the evening of January 9th, the Beijing company called P2P platform profit vote "push a WeChat public number and stunned investors, this article titled" [cast] profit run!!!!! "Article by its staff editor released, said the investment profitability has run away, the company was the seizure of his fellow victims. The article also announced the boss Wu Zhishuang’s identity card, mobile phone and other personal information and urged investors to "see this person, please call 110 people". read more

SNS, see also SNS.

SNS on that point thing, not the wheat or Cao Zenghui, you come to me to do three push ups can all understand. Before thinking of Chen Yizhou, said: "we are very cool." You laugh, people haven’t understood the genuine Facebook, where are you cool. But the Internet is the Internet, do not follow the trend is not the Internet, no matter understand it, not to mention the mix of Internet SNS, said no solid foundation; do men talk about women, are not very straight up. As a result, our man should be a king, to talk about SNS in women. read more

According to the statistical report of

group purchase navigation site 800 released the latest (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the mainstream of domestic group purchase site turnover following after falling in September fell 4.3% to 1 billion 780 million yuan, the number of single 9772 316 thousand, however, 34 million 784 thousand people have purchased the first degrees lower than the same period last year. In the industry view, buy websites and businesses need to improve the performance of single group to attract customers. read more

I am 24 years old, three years after graduation, have a shameful life

details, said the general situation of the day is like this, usually around 10 in the morning to get up, generally do not eat breakfast, wake up directly to open the computer on the Internet,

is the main shopping forum, like the laggards; webmaster there is my own small Joseph Cheng Chinese network

normally on the network to play at 12 o’clock, sometimes to a XXX, just eat lunch, and then at night all night movie download computer hang…… read more

news sharing site Digg

news July 13th, was hailed as "the first social media website news sharing site Digg have fame, earned $60 million for 18 months, and now has $500 thousand acquisition, what


, a Silicon Valley venture star fall. Founded in October 2004, has been hailed as the first social media site, news sharing site Digg was acquired by the New York technology company Betaworks for a mere $500 thousand. Why do you want to know, Digg had been in the hands of the hands of Marc Andreessen and LinkedIn founder of Reid, including $4 million 500 thousand from 2008, there are rumors that Google bid $200 million acquisition in. read more

renamed Chinese from 2005 to now, 5 years. In the support of new and old customers, "China between these 5 years has won the award, and the continuous innovation and development, officially launched many excellent platforms, including English international, enterprise service platform.

CNNIC top-level domain name from 2005 renamed Chinese registered certification, renamed China officially launched "platform in August of the same year, a road of development, and constantly adapt to the development of the industry and change, many upgrades platform and technology system, and also introduced the domain name, domain name, domain name, forum information channel, has diversified development platform China, committed to doing the best domain name website. read more

you must first clear: make money to those who can not make money on what people.

some money can be collected, some of the money can not be collected, random collection of user money is not a clever means.

when your client feels that something is not worth it, your end is coming.

as a saying goes: come out mixed, sooner or later is to return.


is mixed well, and also it is not only the cost of capital, but.

once again reminded: when you do not have confidence in their business, do not receive the user’s money! read more

A5 webmaster network ( June 5th news, Wanda electricity supplier for three years for two CEO news yesterday, said Wanda electricity supplier CEO Dong policy has officially discharged from the electricity supplier in June 3rd, will go to Australia to take care of their families.

at the end of August last year, Wanda joint Baidu, the big two Tencent set up electricity supplier company, Dong CE Ren CEO, but took office less than a year he left secret. Prior to Dong policy, Wanda electricity supplier after another CEO Gong Yitao served two years after leaving. And is scheduled for the afternoon of June 4th in Beijing Wanda electricity supplier executives met also postponed. read more