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P2P net loan platform the obvious trend of uneven in quality problems, the platform, the new platform proportion is increasing.

net home loan data show that in May there were 56 platform, which launched 1 months around the platform up to 18, accounting for more than 30%, and the problem is run away, on-line less than a week off station platform 5. Insiders believe that this kind of foot on the new platform malicious obvious, perhaps at the beginning of the establishment of the purpose is to get a ride. read more

      Wiki is still a very small thing, don’t know much about wiki, Wiki often write fewer people. Wiki only popular business model.

      let people realize the value of Wiki as soon as possible, and find the value of Wiki for the individual, the enterprise and the society. They only recognize the value of Wiki, will participate in. From the perspective of the development of blog, Wiki will gradually from the minority to the public. Blog began only a small number of people in use, and then slowly to the public. read more

June 30th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing today, the national domain name cloud analytical services, and promised to use.Cn and China and other countries of the domain name of the user for free. CNNIC said that with the help of this service to improve the current security situation in the domain name analysis.

from the Chinese domain name services and security status report, the content shows that 57% of China’s current domain name resolution service is in a state of risk, the domain name service is a weak part of the current network security. From May 2010 to the year of May 2011, the global impact of the larger domain name attacks reached sixteen, there are also related to the situation in the country. read more

              Web site was hung with yellow pictures, web content was tampered with, a computer rookie, you can do these. Yesterday, 16 year old Hu Jingxin in the cafe demonstrates a general brief: login name and password to enter the site background, can easily be led into their own photos, but also has the loophole part of government website


rookie can easily change the site home page

Hu Jingxin expertly knocked a few keyboard, entered a well-known university in Chongqing engineering master class website management system. read more

A5 webmaster network ( July 14th news, all the chips when I do not know when the mouth has become the object of our talk. The congregation raised crowdfunding word translation from abroad, that public financing or public financing, Hongkong translated as "crowdfunding", Taiwan translated as "raising the masses". Refers to the use of group purchase + pre order form, to raise funds for the project model to the users.

the rise of the public to raise from the KickStarter website, the website by building a network platform to face the public financing for creative people may get the money they need, in order to make their dream possible. The rise of this model breaks the traditional mode of financing, every ordinary people can get involved in an activity or creation of money by the public to raise mode, the financing source is no longer confined to institutions such as venture capital, which can be derived from the public. read more

net is WeChat

"I saw it in my circle of friends……" Such an opening, you must listen to the people around. WeChat circle of friends has become more and more people access to new sources of information.

as of December 2015, China has 620 million mobile phone users. Over the past 1 years, instant messaging continues to be the highest Internet usage. And WeChat’s own earlier published in 2015 WeChat life white paper revealed that every day there are 570 million people open WeChat, and a typical WeChat users open at least 11 times a day. read more

Eventbrite has become the world’s most famous online ticketing website, and today announced that the company has sold a total ticket price of $1 billion tickets. In the past three years, Eventbrite performance increased significantly, from January 2009 to December 2010, the sale of tickets in denominations from $100 million to $400 million to surge, today, this figure is many times a staggering $1 billion. There are many places worth learning domestic ticketing website.

in 2011, Eventbrite announced its meeting items and ticket sales have been doubled in 2010. Many of Evenbrite’s conference tickets are sold through Facebook and Twitter. Eventbrite said the conference organizers would receive an extra $2.52 for each social networking site to share a meeting with each user. read more


technology news on February 8th news, according to a statistics of the Ministry of the relevant departments, as of the end of 2013, China’s three mobile phone operators to pay 3 million 663 thousand users, if this is true, the fiery mobile phone operators actually pay the development is not ideal, the popularity rate is equivalent to less than 2/1000.

according to the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority before the Spring Festival announced the "2013 annual and four quarter telecommunications services information notice", which refers to the basic telecom enterprises to pay mobile phone users reached 3 million 663 thousand, an increase of 31.4%, both from the user and the total growth rate, these two figures are not worth mentioning. read more

this year, online education tide waves, December 15th, which will be 1 billion to subvert the New Oriental YY with only 1.2 billion acquisition of global online, Jia Lang initially thought it was packaged with the global IELTS, later found wrong, just bought the original global education group, the Pearson Education Group an occupation online education platform. This acquisition is successfully completed, there are several reasons: one is that since 2014 February Pearson China’s new CEO Xiao Hygienix office, DELL is the first English big reform, closed, then no need to get rid of a global school, said a Pearson Education is education from the direction of diversification, slowly shrink to the core business; two. According to rumors of global e-campus turnover of 120 million, then acquired from YY above, this data may have water; three, School of business development has been the bottleneck. read more

15 yesterday, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double train ticket sale, passengers can book 29 tickets through the Internet, telephone. When the passengers want to grab tickets online shopping, the Ministry of Railways 12306 "off the chain", frequently stuck.

let the passengers felt fooled is, even into 12306 sites, to order tickets, the system cannot show whether reservation immediately, but to wait in line, 1 to 2 hours after he was told to fail or without a ticket booking.

ticket network critical moment drop chain read more

SARFT network management division director Yang Peihong (Sina pictures)

Yang Peihong checked bribery, the network is the core Department of SARFT network audio-visual licensing regulation and release of the

Caixin [

] (reporter Zhao Hejuan) reporters learned from the parties, the State Administration of radio management organizations (i.e., our media network audio-visual programs management division, hereinafter referred to as the media division) network director Yang Peihong investigation by the police on suspicion of bribery before. read more

, according to the Ministry of culture website news, the Ministry of Culture issued 13 "network performance management approach" will be implemented from January 1, 2017. The "measures" requirements, network performance management unit to the provincial administrative departments of culture for the network culture operation license, does not have the content from the trial and the real-time monitoring capability, not open channel performance; network performance management units should be required to use a valid identity card a real name registration, and take interviews, recording video call and other effective way verify. Network performing business units shall protect the performer’s identity information in accordance with the law. read more

@ Chen Zimu I worked with a visual designer to develop a web application. He submitted to me the draft design looks very much, so I according to his design draft, with HTML and CSS will be written out of the web application. When I think that everything has been completed, and the product very worried to him when he knew what to say


"you’re all wrong."

really. I didn’t use the font according to his model, so he called me out and told me it was a big mistake. How can I make up for it? read more

webmaster network ( November 7th news, today’s fund industry, if you do not plan to enter the Internet seems to have been difficult to imagine. Embrace the Internet in this field be in full swing big change in the industry, the Internet giant and fund industry suddenly became Nanshenanfen, the first to eat crab Celestica fund company even eagerly gave a controlling stake in Alibaba, of course "betrothal" is enough to let the old Tian Hong fund investors.

October 31st, Taobao was approved by the Commission, becoming the first Internet fund sales institutions to provide services to carry out the business of third party e-commerce platform. The first batch of fund companies to join a total of 17, the types of funds involved in monetary funds, bond funds, equity funds, hybrid funds, etc.. At present, the fund company to provide users with an account, order, payment, management, one-stop service. said, according to the "securities investment fund sales institutions to carry out business management Interim Provisions" through the third party e-commerce platform, officially received the Commission issued a letter of no objection, allowed to sell fund. Previously, a number of fund companies, Taobao shop matters is ready, just waiting for the approval by the Commission’s Taobao did not directly obtain fund sales license, but by the Commission to prepare for the fund sales business to provide ancillary services. For fund companies, to Taobao shop just opened its official website in the open system more than a Taobao port. read more

according to foreign media news, so far, there are 40 Google language version of the search.

in 2008, Google’s market share is growing, especially in the United States, has almost occupied most of the market, the world’s first search engine industry.

Google said, we are trying to provide more versions to the user, to let more users can easily use the Google search, the person in charge of Mario · for Europe, the Middle East, Latin America; Queiroz said, we will achieve this goal, let more users worldwide use Google to provide their native language version to the user, easy operation. read more

November 12th, a courier company in Jiangsu province Nantong City Express warehouse explosion. Figure /CFP

12, a courier company in Jiangsu, Nantong, a busy. Just past November 11th "singles day" has become the first China shopping carnival. "Singles day" turned "Shopping Festival" to express surge. The courier company has taken to increase personnel, work overtime and other means, to ensure timely delivery of the shipment. Figure /CFP

‘s shop named "brush", Tmall said that if the investigation found that the problem will not be punished; the industry said the promotion of electricity supplier powerful read more

The social networking site

360 circles recently hang out announcements, announced that it will close operation in the near future, to remind the user to put their content download package. Once the "circle of life" a whoop and a holler social networking site 360 times came to an end. This is also a large number of domestic social networking sites, the first collapse of the site. According to reports, in June 29th, the site sent an e-mail to employees, announced the collective layoffs, all employees have been notified. read more

in the current international financial crisis, some small businesses often because of a few million or even thousands of yuan of the funding gap, to make the business end. In addition, some of the young "moonlight clan" will fall into "the economic crisis is due to make ends meet". In this case, there is another way to play online people to borrow money, solution as pressing danger "slogan.

not long ago, Mr. Yu for a credit card. The result threatens to repayment of interest free period, because of his poor financial management and excessive consumption, temporary repayment of money. After a friend, he found a website to provide lending business, up to 100 thousand yuan. According to the website of the borrowing rules, users only need to register to become a member, and then fill in the loan agreement, and provide a photo ID card and mobile phone number real name authentication, you can release information, loan repayment, loan term and interest rate data, through this website to borrow money from other users. read more

Abstract: online show has been played a few rounds of edge ball, former porn, now is masochistic. In April 14th, according to the readers to reflect, part of the YY anchor survive a serious state, in order to make money, not hesitate to use abusive to attract attention, such as raw egg wash, slapping the heel…… A anchor told reporters that these are helpless, YY has changed, previously only for fun funny, and now only to appreciate others cruel.


masochistic play

drink 5 bottles of mineral water read more

for the horse, this winter is especially cold. The business IDC business housewarming only a month, because of the Internet to rectify and again moved back to the remote place.

business stagnation, struggling to cope with the record, which is more than a dozen sites behind the IDC company in Henan. IDC has been dependent on their business, in the throes of a part of the dead, and part of the transformation. The rest of the IDC market, only room and an agent in the play, they have to be a monopoly price, or more than half. read more