August 2017

we always think there is water your tummy, you can flex its muscles, when really to write their own copy, dumbfounded! I don’t know where to write.

to tell you the skills and not the specific writing case today, but he Yang think this is more important than actual combat skills, because this if you have not mastered the words behind, write again good also not to move your users. This is the direction of the text planning before positioning, said straightforward, like we write the end point of copywriting! So let’s put aside actual combat skills to understand the direction of copywriting; read more

I do PHP development, contact the site has been a good many years, and in the university has done several stations, but there is no patience to go on, ha ha.

company recently quite free, so take the time to myself to make a stand, just on the line soon, many places are not perfect, Baidu also included the home page, but I did not go to, because I have not finished the function key. Here would like to mainly want to say I do some of the station, of course not necessarily right, ha ha, purely personal opinion. read more

is a kind of intermediary agency to provide services to customers in the middle, it itself does not directly provide services and objects, but it can be for customers to find and arrange the goods or services for customers to choose and decide. Because the network breaks the time and geographical constraints, the characteristics of fast, timely, convenient and comprehensive intermediary line has incomparable advantages, in recent years, different types of the third party website service providers began to occupy various industries, such as trade intermediary B2C, provide the real estate intermediary real estate website, provide marriage intermediary the dating website, provide all kinds of training sites and tutoring website, provide marketing services Witkey website and advertisement alliance, to provide occupation intermediary recruitment website, legal website provides legal intermediary, provide intermediary service studying…… read more

recently started research on the user experience, it is important to do a website user experience, Shenzhen bookstore yesterday to go out of a few books, "elements" of the user experience is written by JJG, the user experience of foreign sponsors, I will often update my heart to learning and personal experience in the future.

said that under the first user experience and website, I also see the most basic understanding of the book knowledge, the user experience of the website is whether the user visit is what type of website, it is a self-help products, this station is not to read the user manual, no operation training, now many site with the customer communication system, make people better to understand a site, but the customer communication system is not every user will use, and design and thinking we will determine how the user experience. read more

Ali mother launched Taobao off the system, the original intention of what is the purpose? In order to introduce traffic from other sites to Taobao? Or to earn the technical service fee commission? Should be both, but should be the main. But in the whole Taobao guest system development process, Ali mother do worse and worse. When Ali mother just on the line, CPT and CPC advertising to determine a lot of grassroots websites get hope, but also to many webmasters moved. At that time, Ali’s mother is good, the official forum are some thanks and praise Ali mother’s post. Due to the decline CPT and CPC advertising (mainly anti cheating technology not cause advertisers reduced, others GG, Baidu had so long did not see, mom decline) will focus on CPA, but in terms of CPA, Ali mother doing really bad. read more

It’s not difficult for

to get a whole bunch of new readers for your blog, but it’s a challenging task to retain blog readers and improve loyalty. That is how to make the hearts of readers "I want to come back to look at the idea of? TechXav management team in the past few days on the issue of a headache, but eventually our hearts still have a clear answer. After a lot of reading and searching, we analyzed several successful blogs and summed up some strong experiences to retain blog readers. These tactics to optimize your blog could be very useful, at least, the most important is that we will practice in TechXav. read more