August 2017

in addition to "Oolong means", "penny trading" is another troubled three new board phenomenon. The latter is often questioned by the market, such as generation, tax avoidance, transfer of benefits, insider dealing and so on. Ma Xiaochao

we have to learn to master a lot of knowledge, but also have a lot of ideas to the next step is to practice action, the light that is not practice, so novice to a lot of action, some problems will be in their actions in a thorough understanding and thorough experience. read more

becheery and three squirrels. There is a certain distance from the profitability, more intense competition between the two phenomena is a high input from marketing, becheery began a television drama since 2014 have implanted becheery last year’s hot drama "W- two" world advertising implants, and the year drama "III. ten peach" still can see the figure of becheery. This contrasts with the three squirrels in 2016 alone with 9 television drama, reminiscent of the two brands in the marketing level at. But from the profit, becheery is less than three and the squirrel meet as equals. Last September, CEO announced that Cai Hongliang becheery will be closed for three years, in the end to what Biechu strokes, also to be the test of time. read more

can be said to occupy a place in the network, time is not short. My first contact with the Internet was in 2000, when I was in high school, because it was a small city. In 2000, I had been chatting on the Internet. It was very sad. Just rarely surfing the internet.


April 2008, a chance to see the network can make money in the online search information, and this information, a start is to do some free Wangzhuan, because there is no vote, too simple. Polls, surveys, surfing, hang ups, and clicks have all been done. In the end, no money was made and the living expenses were not enough. I am very unwilling, so I will find some fees for the project to do, this little said, and certainly not successful, cheated. read more

there must be some impatient guy would ask, Chu Liu orange peach not enough to do the hutch? Why bother to name

first, the fruit is not a "unlimited modified" products, although I have to admit, Chu orange really hard to eat, up to now have to swallow slobber, but swallow too slobber to say, after all, unlike the fruits of technology products, can not do the products through technological innovation significantly ahead of peers, as iPhone two years ago the Android camp this is not fully suppressed fruit fruit. Liu peach again outstanding, but still a kiwi, food well, after eating out almost everyone. read more

himself reveals that the largest fraud coalition in Chinese history, "hot coal mining", is known to have the most advertising and almost all of the Union’s ads! The website artist is quite standard! They have not given any commission for a year since they sent a commission in December 06! Some of the large advertising I see almost hundreds of thousands of commission! The talent has been doing 1000 pairs for 3 months! The reason for their flicker is that the new system will be paid in conjunction with the new payment system when the new system is completed next month! This shit said a year! I’ve made many calls, too! Customer service every time that new systems to deceive me! Now, in June, they finally put up the new system! But all previous ID and data have been emptied! How hateful! I hope brother Wang helps us to take advantage of Internet legal means to help our webmaster breathe out! Everyone came and blew the hot spot! Hot spot is the most shameful advertising alliance! Those who have been deceived have come to charge me! read more

!The surface of


Taobao customer correspondence strategy: long-term concern about their own products and shops promotion.

1, owner of the black list: because the purchase process, the vast number of Taobao can not control. So some shopkeepers take the initiative to contact customers. Save the Commission by buying new links.

2, take the initiative to communicate with the owner, installed customers and shopkeepers chat. suggestion: you can ask for a discount to see if there will be any small action. read more

runs a website most afraid of is not back, I believe you all will have a deep feeling, so the webmaster will want your site can be more loyal to the website, can visit the website again. But the fact often lets us be disappointed, when we analyze and find out the website jumps out rate to continue to rise, can discover the user does not have the interest to our website. Why would our website jump out rate so high? This one actually contains a lot of factors, now I come to the analysis of the data based on years of experience to share, why our website jump out rate is so high, and some corresponding solutions. read more

          there is a reason for saying that he is a super rookie. I graduated major in mechanical design, since access to the Internet since 2002 stay up countless, always thinking of building their own website, but so far we don’t know the establishment of a static page, in the end what the code is a complete page, not to mention what those who understand the code of ASP, PHP, ant like, as code optimization can only be estimated is the next life. My greatest teacher is Baidu… read more

is usually more than standing, many people on the Internet called Wang’s webmaster profession, brother is not strange. Even if you do not know the king, and very few people will not know its founder Admin5 webmaster network. The author is a loyal user of A5, but also very concerned about the field of grassroots adsense. Figure Wang and his A5 webmaster nets is undoubtedly webmaster profession model website, is a banner of Adsense group.

today to talk about what is A5 this website is so webmaster favorite, graph king is wise, A5 is a grassroots oriented entrepreneurial website, since it is a grassroots oriented website, from where there must be some sites and other sites, is for the elite, some websites for children A5, the grassroots webmaster is a special group, graph king’s success or because he grassroots webmaster to accurately understand, there are many details of the place graph king hold very accurate. Let’s talk about it. read more

since the registration of local specialty Pinyin domain name, found that in fact, some of the more good expired domain name, or is not difficult to register. Then I noticed the international domain name that was about to expire. To register or to buy an international domain name such as.Com, and preferably in a foreign service providers to buy.

first,.CN domain name a few years ago too much, a lot of garbage sites, so search engines such as Google to.COM a bit forward; second, domestic domain name service provider international domain name 1 times more expensive than abroad, people feel that the use of the visa credit card to’s website to purchase the domain name is very convenient. Just when the repayment time, a more "purchase foreign exchange" steps, but still quite convenient. read more

, webmaster friends, ask yourselves, what did we do? What did we get? What did we get?

I am a college student, a freshman in career, is now the third, learning, I first make a report to you: no term will fail the exam, to the Counselor’s office for more than 20 times, I paid what visible website! Not only that, on the side of people’s eyes I just do not I do not know hard, and parents for website quarreling about how many times, each time with their parents after a quarrel, I will reflect on: to build a website, website is worth? Can adhere to read more

now has a lot of grassroots webmaster, open your own web site, there are many reasons. Some want to play, purely for fun; some regard him as a career to do; some point to do Wangzhuan; some in order to practice or learning SEO and so on. But anyway, as a webmaster, at least grassroots level, the following mentality is necessary.

one, patience

, Google, Baidu, Yahoo included, you have to wait, you optimize the key to wait, all kinds of SEO effect is not immediately appear, and may have to wait for one or two months. Baidu day you look bad, k you, you repaired your website, apply for re landing, or wait?. One day you can’t wait, and you give up. Your patience is survival. read more

wearing a loose T-shirt, holding a laptop, Dengzhe stuffies "technology home of the Google suit, hair every day, carefully dressing Li Dongshuo, so no Googley". In an interview with the start-up, he also brought in 2 different suits and 3 shirts of different colors.

, a double graduate in computer and law, joined Google AdSense in 2008. His ambition is to be one of the best professional managers in Google. He loves reading more than 30 thousand books. "I read a lot of management books systematically."." read more

Alexa from the date of birth has attracted much attention, at least the webmaster knows it, and some webmaster is also very concerned about the Alexa data, such as Alexa ranking data, access data, etc.. Why do the webmaster still pay attention to the emptiness of the Alexa data?.

ashes class webmaster will not forget Alexa some of the earliest features, from inception to the present function of the new concept, we have been concerned about the data Alexa brought us. Not because of the special data, but because they are too mediocre, but only a partial statistics. Many people will ask: why don’t I pay attention to the web site, but also concerned about the Alexa data, why I can not focus on my website conversion rate, but also concerned about the Alexa data? The answers are in fact their own webmaster psychological. We break through the psychological line of defense and dig them out. In fact, a "virtual" word is enough to reflect the reasons for the existence of Alexa. read more

today, I realized what a "grassroots webmaster" is".

unconsciously, I have done grassroots AdSense for nearly two years, but I do not know, I can count as a real webmaster.

rookie: 96 years after graduating from junior high school, my mother sent me to a technical school, learning latheman specialty. After graduation smoothly assigned to a city machinery processing enterprises. Six months later, because they do not like to leave their own. From the construction site of the laborer, to market vendors selling vegetables, vegetables to the hotel handyman, went on to 2002 and finally mixed the enterprise of small white-collar workers, but also for the first time to contact the network, also know a noun at that time: surfing the internet. read more

my site is at the end of August last year on the line. It’s been about 8 months now. Friends who probably came to A5 often know that I also sent several articles in A5. Through these articles also made a lot of enthusiastic friends. Here, I would like to thank A5 for grassroots webmaster provides such a good platform. Also wish A5 better and better, let more webmaster income.

, let’s get down to business. I remember when I opened it, I was very excited. Every day I stare at the website and feel like my own child. I can’t tell the joy of seeing it. Then I send my address to friends on QQ and MSN, and let them play on my website. Watching the flow of the website rises day by day, I feel a sense of achievement. Not long after such a day, the number of visits to the site is growing, and the speed of the website is beginning to slow down. I’m sure I can’t go on like this. I’ll contact another friend of the utopia, hoping he can give me space. Unexpectedly, this friend is very forthright, and a promise. I was very grateful to him and helped me solve my difficult problem. Within a few days, my web site was officially relocated to this friend’s server. Much faster, a look at the server configuration, the 8 core. OMG, handsome. read more

in the Internet has more than 4 years, in the process also met some very strange business needs, some companies want to do a good job of several websites (the content is basically the same) to reflect their company’s strength, there is the site to do more atmosphere, always afraid of the high cost and the maintenance workload is too large, etc. people very tangled. So a good decision to give leaders a clear idea of their own ideas and insights to show a leadership, choose a feasible plan, so that our work is not so passive, in effect is visible. Seoer is also an active mind, learning and improving himself. Understanding has reached a new level. read more

"Bo Fu Station", the effect is really good.

at 11 on March 13th, I just built the Sina blog on the Internet, there are only two original mood diary. I can be included in the query blog at 7 this morning, did not hold much hope, because the two websites that I set up a model is, a small secretary, rich in content, submit Baidu spent nearly a month to included, so when I query to two log I have been included, and some can not really believe.

why is blogging easier to include than websites? I thought carefully, and this question is not difficult to answer. read more

foreign Digg development is very influential, domestic websites most love imitate foreign ideas, but had found no big institutions and team to run the Digg website, digg is really not suitable for

China conditions?The

website provides Digg open source program is very much, but with open source website also plays only provide a tool, and did not bring other contributions to the development of this pattern in the China. Because the content of the official website of the open source program is also lacking in Digg interaction, or that the content is collected, it is not digg. read more

this world is not a lack of opportunity, but the lack of eyes to find business opportunities, which as the people’s living standards gradually improved, many people become the birthday party invitation excuse, this creates a huge market, a birthday gift market!

read more